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WPX Hosting Review: Is This the Best Web Host in 2021?

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If you are a content creator, blogger, photographer, or small business owner looking to increase your web presence, then you may be wondering if you should use WPX Hosting for your web hosting.

In the article below, you’ll find our in-depth WPX Hosting review. Find out all about this managed hosting service known for speed and a specialty in WordPress websites.

What is WPX Hosting?

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

Image courtesy of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a privately owned company founded by Terry Kyle. He’s also the current CEO.

It was started in 2013 and has provided its services to a significant number of clients since. A fun fact about the company is its community-oriented campaign, where WPX donates to a no-cage, open-yard dog sanctuary in Bulgaria.

This special sanctuary takes care of around 500 stray dogs and cats, which has significantly influenced the company’s visual identity.

With any one of WPX Hosting’s packages, the following services are included for free:

  • 30 second average live chat response time 24/7/365
  • High-speed custom content delivery network (CDN) with 26 global edge locations
  • Unlimited site migrations to WPX
  • Unlimited SSLs
  • Email domain
  • Manual backups
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Daily malware scanning & removal
  • PHP 7.X
  • 1-Click WordPress installations
  • USA + UK + Australian hosting locations

WPX Hosting provides superior page loading times, backed by a Content Delivery Network with high-speed servers owned by the company, as per the description provided on their website.

WPX Hosting provides premium managed WordPress-specific hosting. They focus on fast website load times regardless of the website size, number of images or plugins. WPX Hosting also promotes fast and reliable customer support.

If you’re look up a reliable hosting website to find the best WordPress host, WPX Hosting is admittedly one of the top options. Loading times are performing well regardless of traffic directed towards the hosted websites.

You can read more details in our WPX Hosting review. For answers to what these services do for your future website, continue scrolling below.

Sounds like something you need? Make sure to give WPX Hosting a try!

What Is Managed Hosting? What Does It Do For You?

Before continuing, if you are not quite acquainted with the terminology used in this review, you should understand the scope of services provided by website hosting companies and why the services provided by WPX Hosting are very competitive, even when compared to other more popular companies.

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

‘Managed hosting’ is a type of IT hosting in which a customer leases servers or cloud computing resources from a service provider. This hosting provider is in charge of managing the administration of the client website (including any important elements of the client environment). Common components of managed hosting services typically include server maintenance, resource monitoring, networking configuration, security updates, and operating system management.

Many managed hosting providers also provide managed backup and disaster recovery solutions, as well as management services that extend beyond their own data centers to third-party cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

A business needs a server and infrastructure to be online before relying on web hosting services. However, it becomes both expensive and difficult for businesses to obtain server space at a fraction of the cost – that’s where hosting companies come in!

Even with the advances made, there’s usually a skill gap. Customers previously had to manage their own systems as complex service became more prevalent. Many hosting companies quickly saw the high demand for self-service provisioning from customers lacking technical competence.

A basic web hosting service handles the basic requirements of your site, while a managed web hosting service takes care of higher-level items as well. These products focus on the basics so you can concentrate on doing your job. WPX Hosting is definitely one of those companies, priding themselves on their 30-second support reply rate, as well as a great number of WordPress experts tending to your needs regardless of the complexity of the problem you have.

These selling points drive the price up, but the accompanying services make up for it. The fast-loading time of your website can be a key factor in audience retention, apart from other factors.

Remember, this is the first thing your website visitor will experience!

What Is CDN? How Does It Make My Website Faster?

A content distribution network (CDN) is a distributed network of proxy servers and data centers. Instead of concentrating the service in a single place, they provide spatial availability and performance by involving the distribution of the service to end-users through different server locations.

CDNs emerged at the tail end of the 1990s when the Internet started becoming mission-critical for individuals and enterprises. However, since the age of WebObjects, CDNs have become popular for serving web objects (text, graphics, and scripts), downloadable objects (media, software, and documents), e-commerce portals, and social media as well!

This approach allows for quicker loading times, less time-costly editing of your website, and a handful of other perks.

Phew! Now that we have covered the technical base, it’s time to get into what WPX Hosting is actually about.

WPX Hosting Features

Now, we get to the most interesting part of our WPX Hosting review: what does this company have to offer?

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

Generous Storage

There are three different plans available. They range from Business to Professional to Elite. A standard 10GB of storage space is part of the base plan, and the ability to host five sites is added onto that, for a basic plan with an allowance of 100GB of bandwidth.

These are good mid-range specifications, particularly for those who take disk and network capacity into consideration. The Professional package enlists up to 40GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and a one-to-thirty-five site setup package. This would be excellent if it also included an unlimited amount of storage space, but unfortunately, it does not.

Everything included in the protection plan includes malicious and non-malicious attacks. Anyone will find the built-in user interface both user-friendly and simple to use. Further, you can have WordPress installed on your blog or website in one click using the one-click installer.

Services offered by WPX Hosting are awarded best of the industry for all categories of web hosting in 2019. The availability of space is abundant, but the multi-site abilities are still costly. A simpler way of putting it, it would have been more practical if the package had been provided with free storage as well as ample disk space.

It is sensible to base the pricing on the relative scarcity of provided space and allowed traffic. This way, you receive what you are guaranteed. You also have SSL certificates available to you with just a few clicks.

Additionally, hosting certificates last forever and are not refundable unless your subscription expires, plus there is a 30-day refund period if you should be unsatisfied with your services.

365/24/7 Customer Support

At this point in our WPX Hosting review, we should point out that this is one of the few companies that offers 365/24/7 support.

It is included free of charge, and there is always someone available without confining you to a single work hour period. With all these services, you really don’t have a lot of work to do on technical matters, especially if you’re new to the field. This helps to ensure that you have the extra time you need to concentrate on your project without having to worry about moving into online responsibilities.

During monthly billing cycles, you only pay the base price once per month, while in the annual cycle, you can expect to pay a lower amount per month or a percentage off each month, depending on which package you commit to.

Payment options are only PayPal or credit cards, which is pretty much standard for the industry. However, you should trust your own instincts in terms of long-term commitment and test experiences with different hosting providers before settling on one for a longer period (but the price range does actually matter, more about that later in our WPX hosting review).

Thankfully, if you do choose WPX, this company offers around-the-the-the-clock service and immediate customer service, which can help instill confidence if you choose to go with them year-round.

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

You can see one of the interactions with the support above. Now, regardless of the question asked, they did provide a reply within the timeframe that the website guarantees.

FAQs on the website help guide you through process of creating a new WordPress website process. If you do not have a website created, you can create your domain and website through WPX. As seen below, there are options offered to you that are simple enough to use. The Hosting Only option allows you to migrate your website from any provided onto WPX within 24 hours, which is quite reasonable, in terms of time necessary to resume daily operations.

Sounds like something you need? Make sure to give WPX Hosting a try!

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

What About Security? Can I Safely Migrate My Website In The Future?


Managed service providers (MSPs) recognize the importance of customer data and information in establishing service trust and security. Most hosting companies offer enterprise-grade firewalls, antivirus software, and network security measures, as well as access control. What this means for you is, basically – it will save money. Because the cost is shared among all deployed units, the security bill is much lower per customer.


According to their website, WPX Host includes migration from your previous host. All WPX personnel migrations are performed manually by trained, expert staff. You can transfer your current website to WPX hosting for free as long as it is operational at the time of migration. As for additional questions you may have, depending on which plan you purchased or what your exact plans are, WPX Host will help you move 5 sites and their associated emails for free if you move a site from another hosting service to WPX. Even if your sites are currently hosted by another provider, WPX will save you money by transferring them for you.

When WPX completes a migration, it is the responsibility of the customer to update their nameservers and MX records to reflect the hosting service change (WPX). This is a process for which WPX offers customer support through live chat. If you do not modify the nameservers (and MX records) after the initial migration, you will be charged an additional $98 per site per attempt.

The preceding points describe the migration of a domain from one or more WPX hosting services to one or more replacement services. A significant amount of manual intervention will be required if, for example, a URL or domain is moved from its previous position (e.g., from abc.com to 123.com; or from 123.shop to blog.abc; or from shop.com to blog.com). The cost of this service per project is $98.

Another consideration is that migrations from one domain to another are not always completely secure. In other words, if this is true, we will, of course, issue a refund. This also applies to websites located elsewhere, even if they are currently hosted by us. Any and/or all websites that have been migrated to WPX are thoroughly scanned for malicious code.

Most likely, the WPX team will discover malware and completely clean the site for free, potentially extending the time to 72 hours.

WPX Hosting Plans and Pricing

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

This part of our WPX Hosting review may surprise you!

Even though WPX Hosting comes with some solid features, its services are surprisingly affordable. It’s certainly not the cheapest hosting around, but if you’re in the market for a WordPress managed hosting service, WPX is worth looking at.

In terms of payment options, you can pay either on a monthly basis or yearly basis. The difference in pricing is significant when looking into monthly vs yearly plans, with monthly prices ranging from $25 to $99 per month.

wpx hosting review
Image courtesy of WPX

Savings range from around $5 to $16 per month if you decide to lock in a longer-term commitment with WPX.

To be honest, these prices are astronomical if you are only looking for a short-term commitment, where you want to build a website that may get low traffic; however, for the services provided at these amounts, the value for the money is there. WPX do not offer custom plans.

Sounds like something you need? Make sure to give WPX Hosting a try!

WPX Hosting Pros and Cons

As per the tech review conducted on Review Signal, WPX Hosting has shown strong results with their most expensive plan, which has now covered the affordable price range for users looking for the best bang-for-buck scenario. WPX Hosting earned the Top Tier placement three times in a row.

The provided uptime for websites tested under Load Storm software showed that WPX can hold its own. Responsiveness – as well as loading times – is in the top quartile of the test, having the response times and the quickest second-rate response times to swarms of users to hosted websites.

WPX will charge you an additional $98 per site per attempt if you do not change the nameservers and WX yourself. This is a major con for people who are migrating their websites from more user-friendly website creators.

Additionally, WPX do not offer custom plans, which might be a bad choice when compared to pricing for generic plans.

WPX Hosting Alternatives

When it comes to choosing your hosting service, depending on how deep your pocket is, you should just find what suits you and your business’ needs best. Terry Kyle, the CEO of WPX Hosting, also gave a statement regarding how you decide on what hosting website you should choose.

It seemed like an interesting insight about the competitive hosting landscape, coming straight from someone a big player in this space. Here’s what Terry had to say:

WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace should all be looked at as tools for building an online presence. Like cars, smartphones, laptops and dogs, different people just naturally prefer one thing rather than another.

On Trustpilot.com though, platforms like Wix have a shockingly bad reputation for customer service. Each person should try out the tools that work best for them. None are perfect and each has pluses and minuses.”

Money is a major factor. Of course, with less money paid, you miss out on certain aspects offered by more expensive hosting providers like WPX. These hosting providers will barely get you by in terms of available domains, optimization, or tech support.

If money is your primary concern, then we’ve covered a whole range of affordable WordPress hosting options in another post. These alternatives to WPX Hosting are up to $10 per month:

  • Bluehost – You can get basic yet reliable services for as little as $2.5 per month.
  • HostGator – You can get basic hosting with a domain for $8.99 per month.
  • Dreamhost – You can get managed hosting for $12 per month.
  • SiteGround – You can host on the website starting at $5.9 per month.

In terms of similar competitors to WPX, we would recommend Kinsta or Bluehost due to received support, SSL availability, and speed of page loading guarantee – all value for money factors.

For more information and alternatives, read our The Best WordPress Hosting Providers guide.

WPX Hosting Review Wrap-up

And with that, you’ve reached the end of our WPX Hosting review!

A more obscure company like this one, with less influence on the wider market, is typically categorised as a smaller hosting provider. However, when compared to other hosting companies, WPX’s services are quite competitive. The reason they’re in business is because they’re able to keep their promises by maintaining and expanding their hosting infrastructure while increasing their profits.

The amount of traffic a server can handle is limited. In order for a hosting company to expand, its technical aspects of doing business must be refined so that customers will not notice any loss of quality. This has been crucial to guarantee future WPX Hosting visitors and potential customer base growth – as a possible customer, you need to know that this current top-notch performance can be maintained, enabling you to make a longer-term commitment.

If you’re considering WPX, be aware of expanding offers to custom plans, as well as hidden costs appearing to non-tech-savvy customers. Overall, WPX offers great value for the money. Realistically speaking, it is expensive but offers a significant number of services to you as the customer.

Are you ready to give WPX Hosting a try? It might just be the service you need to build the blog your dreams!

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