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6 Most Popular Blog Topics for 2021: Trending New Blog Ideas!

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Here is a sobering stat about blogging that might make you sit up and take notice: There are more than 600 million blogs on the internet right now!

Even if many of them are currently inactive, how can your little blog possibly compete with so many other blogs? This question is one of the main reasons why people may stop trying to popularise their blog. Others may even be talked out of blogging altogether with this information!

Aside from following all of your insider blogging tips here at We Are The Curious, there’s a simple answer: Write about what’s popular.

In this post, we’ll cover the most popular blog topics that people are actually searching for, including some up-and-coming new topics that may not even be on your radar!

How to Pick Your Popular Blog Topics

Researching and writing content in the form of lengthy blog posts may seem like the most time-consuming part of blogging. However, many of us know the real trouble is picking what you’re going to be writing about, and how to find popular blog topics that work for you and your content.

If you’ve already taken a look at our guide on the 10 Best Niche Markets for $$$ in 2021, then you’re well on your way to finding great topics. Picking a niche is the hardest part, as it will impact all of your future decisions. But now, it’s time to get to even more options!

Nobody wants to spend hours putting their all into something that barely gets a few page visits. So, it’s important to start putting in the work before you even get to content creation.

There are a few points to consider when picking from popular blog topics. Notably, you’ll want to look for something that is trending, popular, or has staying power. Or, better yet, something with all three! Let’s dig into what we mean by all of these elements.

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Picking Trending Topics

A lot of writers spend far too much time looking for those evergreen topics. For those who are unaware, an evergreen topic is something that will continue to stay relevant long after the piece is posted. Depending on the niche of the blog, this could be summarising a historical event, digging into an overarching principle, or creating how-to articles.

While evergreen topics are important, you also need to find a happy balance between always-important content and the stuff that is fresh right now to have a consistently popular blog topics. This is your trending stuff.

To figure out what is trending, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Read up on current events that relate to your niche.
  2. See what similar blogs are posting.
  3. Do a lot of keyword research.

Every niche out there will have some exciting news going on throughout the year. Let’s take the lifestyle blog niche into consideration, as an example.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many families have had to shift their child-rearing strategies thanks to stay-at-home orders around the world. With this in mind, it would be considered a trending topic to write about childcare during a pandemic, fun ways to keep your kid occupied while they can’t have playdates, and so on.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

A global pandemic brings up lots of opportunities for trending news. But what are other events going on? Current events in your niche could be related to recent product launches, new software, and more. For example, a photography blogger may focus various posts around the launch of new camera equipment.

Next up is to look at what other blogs are posting for their popular blog topics. This will give you a good idea of whether it’s a good topic to write about. But you should recognise that there’s a fine line here: You want to uncover what’s popular from other blogs, but you don’t want to write an exact replica of something that everybody else has already written into the ground!

To combine the two techniques listed above, you’ll want to do some intense research. Things like SEO analysis, content marketing, and competitor research will be an essential part of your research.

And since we know you’re already busy coming up with ways to get creative, you might consider getting a tool to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. When it comes to analysis, SEMrush is our go-to. This all-in-one tool handles all of the pieces of research we listed above, and more.

Trust us, when it comes to finding good topics, you won’t regret spending a little extra money. Click here to give SEMrush a try!

affiliate marketing website examples
Image courtesy of SEMrush.

Finding Out What Is Popular

You may be wondering if popular versus trending isn’t the exact same thing. While they’re both rooted in the similar concept of high-traffic topics, there is a fine distinction between them. Trending topics come and go, but popular topics last longer.

While a “trending topic” may have had a recent burst in search, a “popular topic” has likely stayed pretty high for a longer period of time. To explain the difference, let’s consider this from the point of view of a travel blogger.

A trending idea for a travel blogger would be an up-and-coming vacation spot or something that’s only talked about during the summer. Think of new tourist attractions or exhibits that will only be available for a short time.

Meanwhile, the popular concept for a travel blogger would be something that is always going to be a go-to spot. Think of places like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome. These are considered dream destinations for many, and they will continue to be popular for as long as people are flocking to them.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

You would be right to assume that there are likely thousands of travel guides about the Eiffel Tower. So, to go this route with the end goal of bringing in lots of views, you’ll need to figure out how to approach it with an element of uniqueness.

How can you spin it to relate to your own point of view and not get lost in the masses? We’ll leave the creativity up to you!

Finding Things With Staying Power

Many of us will write blog posts that are extremely relevant to the here and now but will be obsolete in a year. That’s fine, as long as your entire blog isn’t made up of these posts.

As we mentioned, finding something with evergreen appeal is a must-have for all of us. These are posts that will be sure to get hits now, while also being relevant five years from now.

Picking a topic that falls under this category may be the hardest of all when finding popular blog topics. Considering we can’t predict the future, we’ll have to look into the past for some insight.

A good way to go about this is by looking at how long topics have been trending online. Has it taken a recent dip, or shot up in the past few months? This could be a bad sign. We want to look for things that have continued to be popular.

A simple way to do this is by using Google Trends. Let’s consider a topic with an element of trending: Pandemic Travel. This topic became a highly searched one after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. As you can see, there was little to no traffic on this search term until the beginning of 2020, where it shot up quickly. It is already going down in popularity, which means it was once trending but doesn’t have much staying power.

This would have been a fantastic topic to grab at its height in early 2020, and would be the epitome of a trending topic post.

Image via Google Trends.

Let’s take another example of a travel blogger. “Local travel” yields much more consistent results, as you can see in the screenshot below.

It has been a popular search term for years, and rarely takes a long-lasting dip. We tried searching location-specific spots first (such as “Paris travel spots”) but many of them took a big hit around April of 2020 when worldwide travel came to a fast halt.

While these topics will likely jump back up again in the near future and have staying power, they don’t have much recent trending success.

Image via Google Trends.

Finding the Right Balance

We aren’t fortune tellers. Sometimes, we may think that we have the perfect list of popular blog topics, yet circumstances prevent our chosen options from ever soaring. All we can do is try to find the right balance between the three elements listed above.

A popular way to do this is to look for trending topics that don’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. What do you think the future of your niche is?

We’ll be digging into more popular blog topics in the next section, but we encourage you to spend some time thinking about the landscape of your blog topic: How have things worked in the past? What past articles have you written that you were surprised to see trending?

A final strategy to consider is how you want your popular blog topics to boost your website via keyword usage. This will often come down to the type of keyword that it is (for example, whether it is a commercial keyword or an informational one). Both of these are great types to use, but they’ll come in handy in different situations.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Commercial keywords are ones that you’re more likely to gain some traction on in terms of advertising. They are the type that you would use with paid advertising strategies, promoting the post on platforms because you know that buyers will flock to them.

Is one of your popular blog topics one that you think people will see the headline of as an ad and click on it? Something like “cheap travel hacks” might have commercial keyword appeal, while “Paris guide” might not. After all, the odds of everybody seeing your ad while planning a trip to Paris is low.

The second kind of keyword is the informational kind. These are types that you wouldn’t necessarily advertise, as most readers seek it out. You’re more likely to have luck pulling in viewers through SEO. These are your “how-to” and “why” guides, which we’ll explore later in this post.

The 6 Most Popular Blog Topics

Now that you have some important concepts to consider while picking your topics, it’s time to give you six of the most popular blog topics you can write on your site.

Popular Evergreen Topics

As we mentioned, some of the most popular blog topics are evergreen topics. These are the pieces that will remain popular over time, and for good reason: they’re about universal subjects that people will always want to read about.

How-To Guides

How many times have you come across a task in your life that you didn’t know how to complete, and turned to the internet to help you do it? We’ve all done it dozens (if not hundreds) of times. Why not consider helping out the next person to come across a topic and teach them how to do it?

Some of the best blog post ideas are how-to guides, and the best part is that any niche blog can do it, as it can be covered with a range of topics.

When picking which how-to guide to do, you’ll want to take a look at what your blog is all about.

Consider the travel blog. Some great how-to ideas in this niche would be:

  • How to pack a suitcase efficiently
  • How to travel alone
  • How to find cheap plane tickets
  • How to avoid looking like a tourist

Now, let’s change over to a vastly different niche: Sports blogs. Some potential how-to popular blog topics over on this side of successful blogs may include:

  • How to play (insert any sport here)
  • How to protect yourself in hands-on sports
  • How to fix sports equipment

As you can see, niches will all have different how-to potential. Just remember to do your SEO research when it comes to picking the right topic!

Complete Guides for Beginners

Do you remember when you first started getting interested in your niche? Odds are that the passion was there, but the knowledge wasn’t. You likely turned to various online hubs to learn all about it. But what if that information was all located in one easy-to-read place?

Consider one of our complete guides on We Are The Curious: How to Make Money From Blogging: The Complete Guide to Monetizing Your Blog goes through all of the steps, from beginner to advanced, when it comes to making money online. It takes the concept and makes it easy to understand, no matter how new the reader is to this huge project.

What is there to learn about your niche topic? We’re sure that there is a huge audience ready to learn.

Think of the food blogs out there. Not all of us are natural foodies, and so what may seem easy may feel completely out of reach for beginner chefs. Some complete guides in this niche may include:

  • A complete guide to different frying techniques
  • A complete guide on how to store your food
  • A complete guide to all of the different kinds of fruits and vegetables

A good idea with these types of evergreen popular blog topics is to think about every single potential visitor to your site. Are there various topics you touch on in your articles, assuming that your readers already know it all?

Why not explain it for the ones who don’t, to ensure that nobody misses out? For example, you may talk a lot about how you prepare your veggies before starting a recipe. Why not go all out and write a complete guide on how to chop each type of vegetable?

There is some real responsibility involved in writing these types of popular blog topics. You are, after all, teaching your reader something that will impact their life! So, it’s important to teach the right information. If you feel under-educated in something that you’re writing about, you can always hop over to an online learning platform like Udemy to make sure that your information is fully researched and reader-ready.

Image via Udemy.


Listicles are often easy-to-write pieces that rely on short descriptions and photos. This means that it might just be low-effort, high-reward content!

A listicle is a type of blog article that ranks things. For example, many successful blogs will pick a topic that they have written on frequently and selected even more popular topics within those larger categories to discuss in a listicle. A personal finance blog may write a listicle with one of the following titles:

  • The 10 Best Banking Apps
  • 5 Stocks to Invest In Today
  • 50 Simple Ways to Save Money

As you can see, they’ll select a large number of things to write about. With so many items, products, or services, they won’t have to write too much about each, but rather feature them all in one place for readers to learn from.

Other Popular Blog Topics

Not in the mood to write evergreen content? Or maybe you have already written dozens of evergreen articles and want to spice things up? Let’s take a look at some other popular blog topics to stay trending.

Articles on News Within Your Niche

Let’s pretend that you write a political blog. Evergreen articles might focus on political history, background information on world leaders, or other information that won’t become dated in the future. On the other hand, tackling a non-evergreen article (sometimes called tentpole marketing) might be focused on trending news.

For this type of topic, you could focus on ongoing elections, informational pieces about political figures who are running campaigns, or trending news on voters.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

The best part about writing news articles is that every niche will have something going on! While it may not be as “big” as a presidential election, it will still be impactful for your audience.

Let’s take fitness bloggers as an example. There may be a large sports competition going on, or the opening of a new gym chain.

Articles on Niche Trends

You may think about trends within your niche and question how it isn’t something news-worthy. Well, not all trends are news!

Let’s jump back to that fitness blog. A news article might have a headline like “Popular Gym Chain Going out of Business.” However, a trend within the niche may look like the following:

  • What Fitness Fashion Brands Are The Most Sustainable Today?
  • Why Is Everybody Getting Into CrossFit?
  • Is Hiking Losing Popularity?

Picking these types of popular blog topics will mean you need to stay on top of trending topics within your niche. The best way to do this is to pay attention to what’s going on!

What are similar blogs writing about? What do you take notice of when doing activities relating to your niche? The opportunities are endless and always changing!

Personal Stories

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Let’s be honest. A lot of people start blogging because they want to talk about themselves. While that may sound a little self-indulgent to some, it’s one of the reasons why blogs thrive! Readers want to hear stories about the bloggers they love.

Anybody can write a listicle on the 10 best parenting books. Not everybody can write an in-depth article on the unique challenges they faced adopting children!

The two examples above are something that lifestyle bloggers might write about. Let’s take a look at some more examples across different types of niches:

Travel Blogs:

  • Articles about your personal experiences in each country
  • Your favourite travel memories
  • Your worst travel experiences

Music Blogs:

  • How you learned to play an instrument
  • Why you decided to start a band
  • Your favourite concert memories

DIY Blogs:

  • The hardest DIY you have ever done
  • How you help others learn to DIY
  • A complete guide on DIY-ing something like your home, your car, your furniture, etc.

The possibilities are endless. This will also give you a great way to branch out of newsworthy stories and relate to your readers, giving them a taste of your personality!

Getting Started on Your Blog

A lot of the people reading this might be experienced bloggers who are running low on ideas for popular blog topics. And if that sounds like you, we hope to have inspired you to get to writing!

On the other hand, we’re sure some of you are brand-new to blogging and are looking to get ideas flowing. You’ve already picked out your niche, and now you have a few topics to get started on. But what about all of the other stuff that you need to do to start a successful blog?

There are lots of tools that you’ll want to keep handy, especially ones to promote your content now that you have put so much work into figuring it out!

One of our favourite sites to recommend to newer bloggers is Tailwind. This relatively cheap tool will help grow your audience through social media. You can connect through Pinterest, Instagram, or both, and use Tailwind to boost your audience. What’s the fun in sharing all of the details on your last horrible vacation if nobody is there to read it?

Click here to get started with Tailwind today.

popular blog topics
Image courtesy of Tailwind.

Another awesome tool is OptinMonster. This platform allows you to bring in more traffic through your email list. Visitors to your website are fantastic, and even the one-time lurker will help boost your site. Though, it’s important to convert those passing by into forever guests. They’ll become more likely to click your ads, buy your affiliates, and more!

We especially recommend using OptinMonster as you’re getting your topics sorted due to the new potentials of your email list. You can use these leads to gauge what readers want to know more about, prompting even more inspiration for popular blog topics!

You can start using OptinMonster here.

Image courtesy of OptinMonster.

Finally, we have to give a special shoutout to ConvertKit. This platform does some things similar to OptinMonster, helping with your email subscriber list and encouraging visitors to become loyal fans. ConvertKit will also help you decide how you want to utilise your website, using insights on visitors to learn more about what they react to, what your potential audiences are, and so on.

You can also build a newsletter referral system, send large-scale email broadcasts, and find advanced reporting on your insights. You can start converting your popular blog topics into success stories by giving ConvertKit a try here!

Popular Blog Topics Wrap-Up

There is a lot of potential in niche website building. If you had any doubt, you can check out an explanation specially made by WeAreTheCurious on how one of our niche websites grew to a value of $217,522 in just two years!

If you want to boost your niche website to that type of success, you’ll want to start off by writing about some popular blog topics. This will boost your SEO, encourage readers to come back, and help your site stay trending.

To recap, some of our favourite popular blog topics to write about include:

  • How-to guides
  • Complete beginner guides
  • Listicles
  • News articles
  • Trending articles
  • Personal stories

With your new knowledge, there is nothing that you won’t be able to do. Just remember to mix things up! You don’t want to write personal stories for months on end.

Spice up your blog with a good combination of the above popular blog topics, and you’ll be good to go!

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