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OptinMonster Review: An All-in-one Lead Generation Tool for 2021

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Email marketing is still the best way to connect with an audience and profit from a blog. So, picking a tool that will help you collect email addresses is more important than you might think at first. 

Whether you call them pop-up builders, form builders, or lead generation tools, you need a solution that will help you build your email list as effectively and efficiently as possible.

So, does OptinMonster fit the bill? Find out in our full OptinMonster review!

What is OptinMonster?

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

Before we get to the features and pricing part of our OptinMonster review, let’s have a quick introduction to the tool.

OptinMonster entered the plugin market in 2013 with an aim to level the playing field by giving small and medium-sized companies resources to compete with the big guys.

In addition to low costs, OptinMonster managed to differentiate itself from the competition by offering a user-friendly interface, a number of clean and attractive designs for the opt-in forms, and a new feature that wasn’t available back in the day: exit intent.

This feature triggers pop-up forms only when a visitor is about to leave the site. This particular feature helped OptinMonster attract numerous customers and excellent reviews.

In brief, the creators of OptinMonster went to considerable lengths to make sure you had everything you needed to get started designing powerful opt-in sign-up forms for your email list. They made sure that the setup would be accessible to everyone and that the tool can be used even by those who have no coding skills.

OptinMonster also seamlessly integrates with all email service providers to automate the entire email marketing system. Last but not least, this tool includes detailed analytics so users can monitor their campaigns’ success and make adjustments as needed.

How to Use OptinMonster

In this section of our OptinMonster review, we’ll show you how easy it is to create an email opt-in with OptinMonster!

1. Create a New Campaign

To get started with OptinMonster, you’ll first need to create a campaign, which is basically choosing a specific format for your new opt-in. We’ll mention all the different campaign types available later on in this OptinMonster review.

You will likely have multiple campaigns running on a single website, especially if you’re promoting various offers for different pieces of content on your site. Click on ‘Create Campaign’ and then choose your campaign type. Based on that choice, you will be given multiple options for your campaign template.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

Choosing a template is an excellent feature that allows you to create an opt-in that is relevant to your offer. The only downside is that OptinMonster displays these unusual graphics instead of giving the users an actual preview of the template. This might make it slightly more difficult for you to choose the most suitable template for your needs.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

There are numerous options available. For example, the lightbox pop-up campaign type generates 25 different templates. Of course, users are always given the opportunity to start from scratch.

Once you choose the template, you’ll be prompted to name your campaign and select the website you want the pop-up to display on.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard

2. Configure the form in the editor

Once you complete the first step, OptinMonster will take you to the editor. The editor interface contains two parts. On the left side are the form configuration options, which are divided into a set of tabs. On the right side is a live preview of your form.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

If you want to change the text on your form at any point, all you need to do is click on the live preview and edit it.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard

In addition to this amazing feature, there are seven different tabs where you can configure your opt-in form. Let’s dive into each one of them!

Display Settings

This option allows you to configure the Cookie Duration – that is, how long the form will be hidden if a visitor closes it (Cookie Duration) or submits it (Success Cookie Duration). This is a fairly common option for an opt-in tool, but it is essential to use to prevent annoying your visitors with repeated pop-ups.

Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard


In the Optin tab, users get to configure most of how their opt-in form looks. Here you can choose the fonts, colors, custom CSS (if desired), form field place holders, and whether or not you’d like to show the name field in addition to the email field.

The entire process is quite intuitive and done via simple color pickers or toggles.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard


The Yes/No tab is a super simple section that lets you quickly enable a negative option opt-out/two-step opt-in.

When this feature is turned on, visitors will first need to choose from two yes/no options before they see the actual opt-in form.

Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard

These forms can harness something called the Zeigarnik effect that can boost your conversion rate. OptinMonster has a super useful guide that will teach you how to use Yes/No pop-ups to boost your conversions.


In the Success tab, you’ll be able to configure what happens after a visitor submits a form. You can display a success message, redirect them to another page (e.g., a thank you page), or simply close the campaign and allow the visitor to continue browsing where they left off.

Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard

Display Rules

In the Display Rules tab, you’ll find some of OptinMonster’s most powerful features. This tab lets you control when your opt-in will appear, what pages it will appear on, and what kind of visitors it will appear to. However, what we’ve just said is a simplification of the level of depth available in this tab.

OptinMonster gives you a ton of options. A pop-out can be triggered by:

  • Time
  • Exit-Intent (OptinMonster’s most best-known and trademarked feature)
  • Scroll depth
  • Click (for two-step opt-ins)
  • Inactivity
  • Based on user’s local time (e.g. 2:15 PM) (a unique trigger that is suitable for time-sensitive offers)

There is also another list of targeting options. In addition to basics like targeting specific pages, you can also target by:

  • Pageviews
  • Campaign interactions
  • Geolocations
  • Referrer
  • Visitors using Adblock
  • Cookie
  • Specific URL anchor/parameter

And, the best part is that OptinMonster allows you to create multiple rulesets for a single campaign. This is something you probably won’t find in other lead generation tools. For example, you can create one ruleset that will make the pop-out display on page X when triggered by exit-intent. You can also add another ruleset for that same campaign to display on page Y, after 20 seconds, only for visitors from the USA.


The Integrations tab is where you can connect to your favorite email marketing service, which OptinMonster supports.


To set up monitoring, go to the Analytics tab and link your OptinMonster account to Google Analytics. It’s a little strange that OptinMonster requires you to bind to Google Analytics in order to access data while almost no other platform does.

However, considering that the majority of users probably use Google Analytics anyways, this is not a significant downside.

3. Publish your opt-in form to your site

Once you finish configuring your form, simply click the ‘Publish’ button which is located in the top right corner. Then, you get to choose (or add) which website to publish it to and choose the platform.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of Blogging Wizard

Even though you can use a code snippet to insert OptinMonster on any page, there is also a dedicated OptinMonster plugin that makes the process even smoother.

Simply insert your API key to use the OptinMonster plugin (which you can easily create in your OptinMonster account). This will allow you to manage your campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard.

And, that’s it! Once you complete these three simple steps, your opt-in will start displaying!

If you’re looking for a lead generation tool that is super easy to use, OptinMonster is the perfect choice for you!

OptinMonster Review: Features

Now that you know how easy it is to use OptinMonster, it’s time to go over it’s features. In this part of our OptinMonster review, we explore all the features that make OptinMonster stand out from other lead generation tools.

Streamlined Interface

What many users love about OptinMonster is that it is so simple to use thanks to its streamlined interface. This makes it possible for all users, regardless of their familiarity with technology, to create opt-ins.

Instead of having to juggle between multiple options and screens, OptinMonster tucks pretty much all of its settings into multiple tabs.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

Even though everything is displayed in a single interface, it doesn’t feel cluttered and users can preview the changes right away.

Multiple Campaign Types

Compared to other lead generation tools, OptinMonster currently offers users the most campaigns to choose from. Instead of deploying super aggressive tactics, you can choose between some more subtle campaigns:

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat
  • Slide-in Scroll Box
  • Floating Bar
  • Countdown Timers
  • Sidebar Forms
  • Inline Forms
  • Content Lockers
  • Coupon Wheel Optins
optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

Pre-Made Templates

If you never had to create an opt-in form, the thought of designing everything from scratch might stress you out a bit. As we already mentioned, users can choose between a pre-made template or they can create their own. Currently, there are about 25 templates and each one can be customised.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

A/B Testing

We already mentioned that OptinMonster provides targeting options. However, there’s not much use for all those multiple options if you don’t know how each one of them performs. A/B testing is a valuable opportunity to evaluate two or more of your opt-ins to see which performs better and maximise conversions.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

Creating A/B tests is easy and can be done right from the dashboard. You can test all aspects of your opt-ins, including various triggers and targeting, in only a few clicks.

Unlike some other tools, such as Thrive Leads, OptinMonster doesn’t automatically display the best-performing opt-in. Instead, you’ll have to check out the numbers and decide for yourself.

OptinMonster Review: Plans & Pricing

After seeing all the fantastic features that OptinMonster comes with, you may be thinking that this tool will cost you a fortune. The great news is that OptinMonster is a surprisingly affordable option for your website. In this section of our OptinMonster review, we’ll be exploring the multiple plan options available you can get.

OptinMonster’s pricing begins at $9 a month for a single site license that includes all standard software. Their Plus package costs $19 a month and covers all in the Basic plan and advanced enhancements such as exit-intent technology, MonsterLinks, and an inactivity sensor, among other things. The most common Pro plan costs $29 a month and allows you access to all of the services for three pages.

The Growth strategy supports five pages, incorporates all in the Pro plan, and lets you apply personalized branding to make the app look like yours. For $49 a month, you also have access to behavior monitoring and client login details.

optinmonster review
Image Courtesy of OptinMonster

OptinMonster comes with premium service through a ticket-based scheme as a paying solution. The ticket answer time is incredibly fast. The OptinMonster team have their own in-house support staff made up of professionals who are well-versed in the product as well as their customers’ conversion criteria.

Of course, for those who want to manage everything on their own, there are plenty of instructive resources available, such as video tutorials and how-to guides.

Sound like the tool you need to grow your page? Make sure to sign up for OptinMonster below!

OptinMonster: Pros & Cons

Just like every software option out there, OptinMonster has its advantages and disadvantages. In this part of our OptinMonster review, we summarise the popular lead gen tool’s biggest pros and cons.


  • Easy-to-use, streamlined interface
  • Lots of different opt-in form types
  • A good variety of pre-made templates for those opt-in forms
  • Integrations for all of the popular email marketing services
  • Detailed triggering options, including exit-intent
  • Detailed targeting options with lots of flexibility, including the option to set up multiple rule sets
  • Easy A/B testing
  • In-dashboard analytics so that you can see how your forms are doing
  • Easy to manage opt-ins for multiple websites from a single dashboard


  • OptinMonster often comes out to be more expensive than other WordPress lead building plugins because it uses SaaS billing
  • No automatic winner feature on the A/B testing
  • The form editor isn’t drag and drop (though you can interact with it)
  • You need to connect Google Analytics to see your stats

OptinMonster Alternatives

Even though OptinMonster is an excellent tool, it may not be the right choice for everyone. In this part of our OptinMonster review, we give you a few popular alternatives to this tool.

Thrive Leads

Image Courtesy of Thrive Themes

Thrive Leads is a part of Thrive Themes suite, one of the most popular WordPress plugins designed generate more leads and conversions. For only $19/month users also get access to Thrive Architect, one of the most popular WordPress page builders, as well as eight additional tools.

When it comes to features, Thrive Leads is very similar to OptinMonster. It is definitely easy to use, and it includes a number of options and designs to choose from. Plus, the tool does an excellent job at converting visitors into customers. What makes Thrive Leads slightly different is the single drag-and-drop editor, that makes creating opt-in forms super simple. Also, the A/B testing feature is included as well as advanced targeting and actionable reports and insights.

Thrive is an excellent choice for all those who are looking to increase their conversions with pop-ups, but would also like access to other tools, such as the theme and landing page builder. Make sure to read our Thrive Themes review to find out more about this tool!


leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

Leadpages is very similar to Thrive Leads, as it is not only an opt-in form builder. As a matter of fact, Leadpages is one of the most budget-friendly options available. All those looking for a tool that will help them get a page up and running quickly and cheaply should go for Leadpages.

As Thrive Leads, Leadpages also features a drag-and-drop editor and features more than a hundred templates. Users can create mobile-friendly pages with high conversion rates as well as alert bars and pop-up boxes.

Leadpages offers multiple plans. The Standard Plan starts at $25/month, Pro Plan at $48/month, and the Advanced Plan will cost you $199/month. Leadpages also offers its users a free trial. If you want to find out more about this tool, make sure to read our Leadpages review!

Convert Pro

Image Courtesy of Convert Pro

Convert Pro is very similar to OptinMonster, as it is only a lead generation tool. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and users can insert even photos and videos in their opt-in forms. In addition, this tool comes with plenty of conversion-friendly built-in templates that you can customize or you can also come up with your own template from scratch.

Similarly to OptinMonster, Convert Pro has numerous targeting options. Users can choose from the popular exit-intent trigger, as well as a few other options such as welcome trigger, user inactivity trigger, or even on-click trigger. In addition, you can adjust some additional filters to target your users, such as new vs. old visitors, page level targeting, or even cookie control.

All in all, Convert Pro is a lead generation tool as good as OptinMonster. However, the only difference is the pricing. Convert Pro costs $99/year and comes with all the features mentioned above. The agency bundle costs $249/year. Convert Pro also offers a lifetime deal that costs $399 or $699 for the agency bundle. OptinMonster, on the other hand, costs $19/month and this low-tier plan is limited to only one website and three campaigns.

Optinmonster Review Wrap-up: The Best Lead Gen Tool?

OptinMonster has advanced features that make it one of the best email opt-in creation tools. You can really take your lead generation efforts to the next level thanks to this tool’s variety of high-quality models, a feature-rich editor, and precise settings that monitor when your popups are activated, on which pages they’re involved, and who can see them!

In addition to using pre-made templates, users can come up with their own opt-in forms. The blank canvas option should also come in handy for anyone who wants to display custom content in a popup window.

In short, though the clever escape intent action trigger that made this tool stick out from the crowd has now been replicated or embraced by many of its competitors, OptinMonster’s latest functionality, established features, and enhanced ease-of-use ensure it’s still the strongest email optin form plugin on the market!

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