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Longtail Pro Review: Is it Worth It in 2021?

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The right tools can make all the difference in the success of your online business or affiliate site. Here at WATC, we often talk about keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Ubersuggest, since keyword research is essential for building a successful niche site. However, proper keyword research can also boost e-commerce stores, company blogs, and any other business or personal sites that benefit from content that ranks in Google.

However, finding the right keywords that can drive traffic, are easy to rank, and generate revenue is incredibly challenging. Luckily, some tools do all the hard work and let you enjoy the great results! Longtail Pro is one of those tools.

In this post, we will give you our in-depth Longtail Pro review. Longtail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools out there – especially for niche site creators – and we are going to list all of its features, pros, and cons. Find out how it stacks up with its competitors!

One great advantage of Longtail Pro is that you can sign up for a free 7-day trial and test the tool yourself.

Keep reading to find out if Longtail Pro is the right keyword research tool for your website.

What Is Longtail Pro?

There’s no point in mentioning the features of the tool in our Longtail Pro review before we explain what it does!

Basically, Longtail Pro is a keyword research tool that allows users to find low competition, long tail keywords for their website. The tool was made primarily for website owners who focus on keywords for search engine optimization (SEO), not for paid ads.

Longtail Pro’s most significant advantage is that it allows you to quickly find keywords in bulk based on a seed keyword that you input. After each search, the tool will provide hundreds of keywords as well as search volume (monthly search volume), advertiser bid, number of words, rank value, and Keyword Competitiveness (useful for judging the competition and keyword difficulty).

Here’s a screenshot of Longtail Pro in action.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Niche Pursuits

Longtail Pro was developed by Spencer Haws in 2011. Haws was creating tons of niche sites at that time, and he needed to do a lot of keyword research and content creation. Haws was frustrated by the keyword research tools that existed back then, as they were slow and analyzed keywords one at a time.

He needed a tool where he could input 1 or multiple seed keywords and get tons of long-tail keywords and content marketing ideas from quickly. Since such a tool didn’t exist in 2011, Haws decided to make one.

But, why did he want to focus on long tail keywords?

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords

The term “long tail keyword” refers to a keyword comprising more than three words. What makes long tail keywords special is that they typically have far less competition than generic keywords that contain just one or two words. A website that uses long tail keywords will undoubtedly rank higher in the search results (since these keywords are less competitive) and target an audience that is highly relevant to the website’s topic.

Here is one example of how long tail keywords can help with page ranking. Imagine that you run an e-commerce store that sells candles. Using a generic term such as “candles” on your website won’t improve your ranking too much. Short and generic keywords like this have a huge search volume, but also a substantial amount of competition – including from retail behemoths like Bath and Body Works, in this case.

So, ranking on the first page without a strong site authority and solid ranking strategy is practically impossible for a smaller niche site or e-commerce store.

However, adding long tail keywords to your website, such as “candles with wooden wicks,” will allow you to hone in on a smaller segment of the market and rank much better!

Longtail Pro Review: Features

Longtail Pro is more than just a basic keyword research tool. It is packed with tons of amazing features that will help you boost your website ranking and drive more organic traffic to your site. Here is what Longtail Pro offers:

  • Option to create multiple projects, that is, different campaigns for different sites to stay organized.
  • Generate up to 400 keywords based on a seed keyword.
  • Export keywords in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import keywords into LongTailPro.
  • Find long-tail high-CPC keywords (great for increasing AdSense revenue).
  • Check the Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranking for your keywords.
  • Keyword competition checker.
  • Find available domain names (for those who are creating a micro-niche blog, Longtail Pro can suggest available, keyword-rich domain names).

If this is exactly what you need, then make sure to give Longtail Pro a try for free!

Now comes the most important part of our Longtail Pro review. Let’s explore the most prominent features of this keyword research tool.

Intuitive User Interface

Long Tail Pro has a seamless and beautiful interface, making it very easy and straightforward to use the tool.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

Users who haven’t tried a keyword research tool before might find the interface a bit cluttered at first. For example, the SERP analysis dashboard has many features and presents a lot of information. It may take some time to get used to this!

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

In addition, some options blend into the background, such as targeting a certain language or country.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

But all in all, using Long Tail Pro is still quite easy and intuitive. Even absolute beginners will be able to grasp using the platform in less than 10 minutes, and veteran SEOs will be able to use this keyword research tool right away.

Finding Long Tail Keywords

The time has finally come for the most important part of our Longtail Pro review! Let’s dig into the main feature of this tool.

Longtail Pro offers advanced keyword research. The first step is entering your seed keywords. These are short, primary keywords relevant to your business that are used to create long tail keywords. Seed keywords typically consist of one or two words.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

Long Tail Pro allows you to insert multiple keywords, so you don’t have to waste time checking everything individually. Once you enter your keywords, click retrieve and explore the suggestions.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

Long Tail Pro shows low competition long tail keywords, with search volume estimates and competition metrics. This allows you to quickly and easily pick the most appropriate keywords for your website and your SEO/marketing strategy.

Long Tail Pro also allows the users to explore the keywords their competitors rank for. But we’ll explore this feature in greater detail a bit later on.

The only flaw Long Tail Pro has is that it stacks all your search results. All your previous search results will be displayed along with the new ones when you add more seed keywords. The photo below exemplifies this.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

Let’s explain what happened here. The user first did some research on the seed keyword “best dremel.” Then. They decided to do some research on “aha.io.” The list then displayed all results combined together. This can be quite confusing, but the good news is that there is a simple solution.

Users can start a new list every time they want to search for new keywords on a different topic.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

The fact that Long Tail Pro saves all your keyword searches can actually be considered as an advantage. You will have lists of similar topics and relevant keywords, with their Google search results and competitors grouped.

In addition, Long Tail Pro allows its users to customize their dashboard fully.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

You can choose which results you want displayed on your dashboard and declutter the interface if you find all these metrics confusing. These features combined make Long Tail Pro one of the most versatile keyword research tools.

There is also a feature that allows users to filter keywords based on these dashboard options.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

This option comes in handy when users want to target keywords with specific metrics. For example, you can have Long Tail Pro only display phrases with a keyword competitiveness under 30 and with over 1000 searches per month.

Long Tail Pro will undoubtedly provide excellent research results and simplify your keyword research with its remarkable customization options. If you’re interested in this tool, make sure to sign up for the Long Tail Pro free trial!

KC (Keyword Competitiveness) Score

Once you enter your seed keywords and search with Long Tail Pro, the tool will automatically generate keywords and display important metrics such as the average KC score, Volume, Bid, Words, and Rank Value.

The average KC score looks at the first page of Google and how authoritative those sites ranking for the search term are. This feature can help you determine which keywords are the easiest to rank for in Google. The KC score calculation takes several factors into account, including overall authority, number of links, and how well the page is targeting that specific keyword.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Niche Pursuits

The KC score can range between 1 and 100. This number tells you how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google using that keyword. In general, any keyword with a KC score under 30 is considered “easy.” KC score over 40 starts to get challenging, but it all depends on how authoritative your website is. For example, if you’ve just started a new website or your website has a low authority (e.g., under a DA of 35), it is advised not to target keywords with a KC score of over 30.

Keep in mind that having a good SEO strategy doesn’t only mean researching keywords. It also includes analyzing your competitors – and Longtail Pro can help you out with that as well.

Competitor Analysis

If you’re interested in analyzing what results the first page of Google displays, you can click on the keyword and get more in-depth data about your competitors. In general, the KC score will help you decide what keywords to focus on, but in case you want a deeper dive, this feature will come in handy.

longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Authority Hacker

There is a lot of data displayed on this page, including:

  • Domain Keyword Competition – The overall score for the domain measuring all the other metrics
  • Trust flow – The backlink profile of the page
  • Citation flow – The number of citations to the page
  • Domain TF & CF – Trust Flow and Citation Flow, but for the domain
  • External Backlinks – The number of backlinks to the page
  • Page Ref Domains – The number of unique domains that link to the page
  • Root Ref – The number of domains referring to the root domain
  • Indexed URLs – The number of Indexed URLs of the target domain
  • Internal links – The number of internal links

For beginners, all these numbers might seem overwhelming. But don’t worry! The great news is that you can customize this page and display only the metrics relevant to you.

Longtail Pro Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Longtail Pro Advantages

As you can see in this Longtail Pro review, LTP is a keyword research tool with many great features. Here is what makes Longtail Pro stand out from the rest.

  • Keyword suggestions are displayed in bulk. Longtail Pro allows its users to input up to five seed keywords at a time, and the tool will pull up to 400 related keywords, based on data from the Google keyword planner. The tool also allows the users to enter keywords manually and get the stats for them.
  • Keyword Competitiveness score is included. Longtail Pro comes with one awesome unique feature: its Keyword Competitiveness score. This number is used to present how difficult it is to rank in Google with a certain keyword.
  • It can be used for multiple blogs and websites. Longtail Pro allows its users to create different projects and organize the keywords by website, category, or any other criteria.
  • The competitor analysis feature is very helpful. In addition to displaying various information about the keyword, Longtail Pro helps its users understand whether their site will rank above their competitors in Google.
  • A very accurate rank tracker. This feature is very easy to use and, more importantly, it is incredibly accurate.  It also includes projects so users can keep their domains separate if they want to.

Longtail Pro Disadvantages

It wouldn’t be fair to point out only the good sides of the tool in our Longtail Pro review.

Every tool packs some excellent features, but also has some things that are lacking, and Longtail Pro is no exception. Even though this keyword research tool is very advanced, it still could use improvements in some areas.

  • Limit on manual keywords. Users who want more information about their manual keywords might be disappointed when they hear that they can input only 200 keywords. However, Longtail Pro has to cover the costs every time a new manual keyword is entered, which is the reason behind the limit. However, many other keyword research tools don’t come with a bulk manual option at all.
  • The number of seed keywords is limited. Users will find that they can insert only five seed keywords at a time. It would be ideal if the number of seed keywords were higher, but five is still a helpful starting point.
  • Competitor analysis results. Those who care about the visuals of the tool might find the text and URLs in the competitor analysis a bit unsatisfying. Sometimes, the text is not displayed evenly. However, this visual disadvantage doesn’t affect the results of the search at all.
longtail pro review
Image Courtesy of Niche Pursuits

This change is excellent for advertisers who get to have ads on more keywords for the same price. But those who do keyword research to generate organic traffic find this new feature quite inconvenient.

Longtail Pro Pricing

Pricing is more often than not a deal-breaker, so we had to include it in our Longtail Pro review.

One thing that makes Longtail Pro stand out from its competition is the excellent price. When compared to Ahrefs, one of the best keyword research tools on the market, Longtail Pro is a much more affordable option for budget shoppers.

longtail pro review

Long Tail Pro’s most expensive plan allows its users to research 2500 keywords a day. However, Ahrefs will only give you 100 keywords a day for the same amount of money.

Even though Longtail Pro is a budget option, the tool still isn’t that cheap. It will cost you between $25 and $98 each month when paid for annually, depending on the plan you choose. Those who prefer the monthly subscription will have to pay between $37 and $147 each month.

At first, this might seem pricey, but you will be getting a reliable keyword research tool with excellent support. Before you purchase the tool, you can try out Longtail Pro for free!

Who Is Long Tail Pro for?

Long Tail Pro is an excellent choice for freelancers, bloggers, and small business owners who want to improve their website’s visibility and increase their organic traffic. This keyword research tool was made to quickly discover new keyword opportunities and allow users to assess the competition using the KC score easily.

The tool can be used by practically anyone – from absolute beginners to experienced users. The interface is straightforward and Long Tail Pro is quite easy to use. In case some features are unclear, Long Tail Pro has an excellent knowledge base with articles and videos that teach the users everything they need to know. In addition, Long Tail Pro offers excellent customer support.

However, this tool is not a perfect choice for everyone. Since we strive to expose the good sides and the bad sides of the tool in our Longtail Pro review, it is important to point out that Longtail is only a keyword research tool. If you’re looking for a true all-in-one SEO tool, you will have to pay for additional software.

In addition, this keyword research tool isn’t cheap exactly, with the price starting at $25 per month for an annual plan. However, it is an excellent investment for those who need a tool that will help them increase organic traffic and build a targeted online audience.

Longtail Pro Alternatives

Longtail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool, but it’s not the only great option out there. Let’s see how it stacks up to some of its popular competitors!


In terms of their power, KWFinder and Longtail Pro are quite similar. If you sign up for one of the more expensive plans, KWFinder will display more searches per query. However, its budget plan is almost twice as expensive as Long Tail Pro’s, and it returns only somewhere between one-half and one-tenth of the keywords of Long Tail Pro.

One feature that makes KWFinder an excellent tool is the SERP analysis for each keyword, which allows you to see what your competitors are ranking for. In addition, both KWFinder and Longtail Pro have very accurate keyword difficulty scores.

KWFinder does cost more than Longtail Pro, but it also has some cool features that Longtail Pro doesn’t. If you’re looking for a tool that is a bit more advanced than Longtail Pro but less expensive than Ahrefs, then KWFinder is the right choice for you.


Comparing Long Tail Pro to SEMrush is a bit unfair. SEMrush is a full SEO suite and Long Tail Pro is just a keyword research tool. However, Long Tail Pro is still powerful enough to compete with SEMrush in that area.

The greatest difference between the two tools is that SEMrush has clickstream data, whereas Long Tail Pro does not use clickstream data. Also, SEMrush uses a more advanced keyword difficulty scoring system, while Long Tail Pro is specifically geared towards long tail keywords.

It is also important to point out that SEMrush includes monetization tools that can be used to estimate how much your website can earn and help you monetize your traffic. So, if you’re interested in monetizing your website, SEMrush will be the better choice for you. Give SEMrush a try here!


Ahrefs is known as the most powerful keyword research tool. However, all that power comes at a price. Ahrefs returns many more keywords than Longtail Pro. In some cases, this number can go over 1,000,000. Also, the tool lets you see SERPs at a glance and see what your competition is ranking for.

When it comes to the price, Ahrefs’ least expensive plan is almost 4x the cost of Long Tail Pro. All those who are interested in doing serious link building or who need an incredibly powerful tool for some other reason should choose Ahrefs. However, budget buyers who are simply looking for a way to optimize their website will be more than satisfied with the power of Long Tail Pro.


Jaaxy is also a budget keyword research tool that comes with certain unique features such as the Alphabet Soup. The tool can return a pretty high number of keywords per query and will display some keywords that other tools won’t, including Long Tail Pro.

However, Jaaxy has one great disadvantage: its layout. Sometimes, the info that Jaaxy displays isn’t accurate, sometimes the design is off, and the layout looks a bit clunky in general. Also, since nobody knows what factors Jaaxy uses, their keyword difficulty score might not be entirely reliable. The keyword difficulty score sometimes trends with Long Tail Pro and KWFinder, but sometimes it’s way off.

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you add unique keywords to your website, then Jaaxy is the perfect tool for you. However, do keep in mind that its wonky metrics might affect your website’s performance.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner used to be one of the best tools for finding long tail keywords. However, Google now started “bundling” keywords, which greatly affects the performance of the tool.

For example, instead of showing you results for “best protein powder for weight loss” and “best protein powder for pregnant women,” the tool will only show you “best protein powder.” The other two long tail keywords will be “bundled” into this one keyword.

It’s not bad to check Google Keyword Planner now and then, but if you’re serious about ranking in Google, you’ll still want a paid keyword research tool.

Is Longtail Pro Worth It?

Long story short, yes. Longtail Pro is definitely worth investing in. It is a tool that can be used by both beginners and those experienced in SEO. In addition, it is the most affordable option out of virtually all paid keyword research tools.

Even though there are more advanced tools, such as SEMRush or Ahrefs, Longtail Pro does a great job at finding keywords, analyzing the Google search page, and providing accurate metrics like search volume or keyword competition.

Longtail Pro Review Wrap-up

Longtail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools you can get, especially at such an affordable price. The user-friendly interface makes it very easy to figure out how to use the tool. In addition to finding the ideal long-tail keywords, Longtail Pro also tracks the ranking of your keywords. Plus, Longtail helps users analyze their competitors and figure out SEO strategies on how to outrank them.

I hope this Longtail Pro review helped you learn more about this great tool. If you’re looking for a way to generate profitable ideas and great keywords, consider trying Longtail Pro for free!

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