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Leadpages Review: Best Landing Page Builder in 2021?

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Building landing pages is a big job – from layout and design to copy and media, there’s a lot that goes into it!

And when you’re building a funnel or a standalone landing page, the last thing you want is having to fight against technology too.

So, will Leadpages finally address all of your landing page builder needs? Here’s the full answer in this in-depth Leadpages review!

What is Leadpages?

Before we get into the details of what this tool can do for you, our Leadpages review is going to give you a brief overview of the company and the builder itself.

Leadpages is a company offering modern and simple to use online marketing solutions. The company itself was founded in 2012, with its first bundle of products entering the market in January 2013.

Leadpages’ area of business is broadly based around online marketing, through providing tools for website building as well as features for creating and managing an online presence for their users’ businesses.

All of its features are well suited for bloggers looking for simple solutions for increasing brand visibility, or for agencies looking to increase sales volume or general visibility in their clients’ businesses.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

Leadpages Review: Features

In this section of our Leadpages overview, we’re going to examine how this tool works and what its most prominent features are.

In terms of product versatility, there’s a number of easy-to-use tools available in Leadpages. The first option is the website creation tool, which are thankfully quite accessible and easy to understand.

As described on their website, Leadpages also offers over 200 editable templates, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and ways to boost conversions – all aimed at people who have a social media presence with tools for “A/B” testing.

Additionally, Leadpages provides real-time support and guidance. If you are asking the question on its publishing limitations, Leadpages provides unlimited page publishing, leads, and traffic for its paying customers.

Through the website/landing page builder, you can set up a funnel, publish a registration form for your newsletter/email marketing campaign, attract new subscribers, inform customers about your business, or simply utilise any of the aforementioned options through your social media channels to achieve greater reach with your clients.

However, you’ll need to think of messaging and write a short text on what you want the customers to do – the rest is available through Leadpages templates. The widgets on the left side list are all building segments you need to create a website.

After dragging one of them to the right side, you can see an open template that’s free to edit. In case you were wondering how it all ties together, here’s an example of what your landing page can look like after customisation:

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

The first step in creating your website or landing page is actually naming it. The simplicity of the drag and drop feature of the page building tool is truly amazing – no coding skills are needed, just your ability to edit the existing templates and realize your idea.

The process begins with the naming of the page (as shown on the picture below) – which is fully editable after the process is completed, which is a great option sparing the users from repeating the full process again.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

One key component is the ease of designing and editing the templates. The colour palette of your brand look can easily be edited by selecting the “Brand” feature and selecting the colours you wish to appear on your site.

This can impact your customers significantly, as they can see a recognizable palette of colours, which they can immediately associate with your brand. This edit feature certainly hits the spot, as it enables the user to fully express their brand identity.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

You can access all of these features fairly easily. The main interface in which you can select from various options of your Leadpages profile is simple to spot as well. You can find the dropdown menus on the left side of the screen, which provides you with all the tools you need to get your campaign started.

You can select different images, edit your website domain, detect and implement different paths to websites you need to use or select different conversion tools necessary for your campaign – listed in the picture below.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

At this point, it is very important to emphasize that the number of domains for paying users is unlimited and that the hosting is free. Now, when we say it’s “free”, it is implied that you have subscribed to one of the Leadpages plans and can access all the services provided – which is something we will get into below.

How Can Conversion Tools Help You Out?

If you are not familiar with what your business needs to compete online, you can easily test the types of tools provided by Leadpages, mainly listed by the type of product that gets the most engagements through online traffic.

One great thing about tools such as this is that it filters out the type of advertisement you need, and with that automatically limits your content creation to types of product that are guaranteed to lead your customers to your products or services, or engage in your content – pushing you to think about the messaging you are pushing out to your targeted audience.

The conversion between online traffic to client interaction offered on Leadpages is mainly solved by listing your advertisement as:

leadpages review
Images Courtesy of YouTube

Landing pages created on this service can also be used on Facebook. When creating your landing page, Leadpages has enabled one amazing feature for all overthinkers: you can fully preview all segments of your landing page on all web, mobile, and Facebook. Previewing the designed landing page on different types of platforms is a feature that faithfully demonstrates your SEO optimisation settings for the created material.

An additional useful feature is the one shown in the picture below, where your social media advertising will be shown in-app, without you having to create a mockup campaign.

The Facebook ad shown in the picture below is already in the format in which your target audience will see it, and this can be extremely useful when dealing with a narrowed demographic sensitive to images or content of messaging within the ad. All in all, it’s a great solution for getting your brand message across.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

If you are wondering if you can sell directly from the landing page, Leadpages has thought of that too. Adding specific features, such as payment options to your landing page, is just as simple.

By simply dragging this feature onto your landing page design from the widgets provided, you can get a fully functional payment form. You can preview a visual of how it will look like before publishing as well. In fact, you can actually edit the visual appeal of the form, in order to respond to your customer needs, as its design is an editable template as well.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

All of these forms are fully editable, from offered functionality such as gathering different leads, to managing payments – Leadpages has it all. But how do you publish these products at all?

Whether you have your own WordPress website, or you have created a domain on Leadpages, all products can be launched after preview, by selecting the Publish/Update option (upper right corner). A window should open, offering the user three different options. The first is selecting your Leadpages website domain, on which this product is to be launched.

The second option is downloading a WordPress plugin, which can be implemented through your own Leadpages independent website. The third offered option is the HTML code, which is available for download. It can also be inserted into your independent page.

The first option offered, realistically speaking, is the only one that does not require you to have at least a basic understanding of code. More on pros and cons below.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

One of the very useful options, which has recently surfaced as a necessity rather than an extra feature, is the possibility to organize webinars by creating simple forms and dedicated landing pages to simplify registering and access for participants.

This feature is form-oriented, but also allows marketing platform integration, where you can integrate the exact mailing list service you are using, and which webinar platform you are using. This is extremely important due to the recent increase in demand for online meeting services – and can save you!

At the end of the day, participants want ease of access and don’t want anything more than a confirmation e-mail from you containing full information about the webinar. You can achieve this through proper utilization of the mailing list features of Leadpages, guaranteed.

However, with all of this in mind, how do you know which product is performing best, or that gets the most leads? The answer for is the tool’s feature for analytics and testing, which we’re going to cover next in our Leadpages review.

Analytics and Testing

The analytics segment of your landing pages and other products is displayed after the publishing process. You can view how your products are performing in a listing view, with names of your pages with shown conversion and views rates. A more detailed view of the assets can be shown after entering the detailed analytics function of your asset.

The best thing about this type of analytics approach is all of the insight into where your leads are coming from, along with what type of product is drawing them in the most.

Once you have a general idea of what types of products you want to continue with, you can apply A/B testing for your products to figure out the best way you can get in touch with your clients. The support from Leadpages has a series of extremely helpful blogs on why A/B testing is important and how you can use it.

As per their support team, Leadpages has the capacity to determine behavioural patterns of your target audience, and will provide you the answer to significant digital marketing questions: What exactly is your target audience? What form lengths do they best respond to? How do they respond to video materials?

All these are very important when creating your landing page, and you can get a useful insight in what are your next actions going to be. The picture below shows the screen where you create your split tests.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

Does this sound like the tool you need for your business? Make sure to sign up for a Leadpages free trial!

Leadpages Review: Pros and Cons

At this point in the Leadpages review, we have to look at the viability of the services offered by the company. One striking aspect of Leadpages is its longevity and rapid growth.

The company was founded in 2012, and has since progressed dramatically, amassing a great following base, as well as acquiring some high-end clients such as Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Taki Moore (Million Dollar Coach) and over 40.000 small business owners.

From this list, we can find several common denominators for all these people: they are selling products directly to their communities, they are actively working to expand their communities through various digital media outlets (most notable being podcasting), and they are all person-driven brands with large following bases.

This is generally a good sign, which shows that these small business brands with diverse portfolios trust Leadpages services in growing their business. All of them have large groups to broadcast emails to with very large mailing lists and a great emphasis on the strength of their brands.

In terms of services, Leadpages offers integration options for people who are not familiar with coding and are looking for a way to fully connect all of the tools they need to positively impact their business. The cons of this approach lie in possible future opportunities for your use of Leadpages: agency work.

Handling a large number of clients and paying for a service that does not allow group campaign projects – or quick transfer of data between clients – might be a con, if you are looking for a platform where you can serve your own clients.

Additionally, social media is growing. Not all social media is focused on Facebook or Facebook owned companies. There is still a large portion of the world using different social media platforms to communicate.

Another important factor is publishing these products, where you are left quite stranded if you do not have a WordPress-based website. You can’t receive traffic data, or easily implement landing pages on your website. This might be an issue for some users. However, Leadpages doe provide unlimited hosting for their users.

For easier reading, we’ve comprised a list of pros and cons you can see below.


  • You get the best value for the money for available page builders;
  • Once mastered, this can be a valuable ally for assisting marketing clients;
  • Perfect for small business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who are looking to increase brand visibility;
  • Provides great products to connect with your target base;
  • Has great template editing options for all products.


  • Publishing options are limited if you don’t have a WordPress website;
  • Relatively high-priced service in general;
  • Steep learning curve, you will need time to master all segments offered.

Leadpages Review: Plans and Pricing

This is one of the most important segments when deciding on why you should get Leadpages instead of the competition. The two pricing plans are aimed at anyone’s pocket.

For only $37 per month, you get the basic package, with testing options excluded. You do get to create and use products to improve leads for your business.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

But as seen in the picture below, the pricing plans reward long-term users. If you decide to go for the annual plan, you get a 30% discount along with the universal 14-day free trial.

With the Pro plan, you get product testing and email trigger links, as well as 10 opt-in campaigns. Webinars and direct messaging to your clients have never been easier! Great ‘bang for buck’ value, with basically three months of service free of charge.

Additionally, you get increased support levels, with direct chat options with Leadpages experts, which can reduce learning time and lower the learning curve for you, at only $59 per month.

leadpages review
Image Courtesy of Leadpages

Leadpages Alternatives


With all of its positive outlines, Leadpages is one of many landing page builders. Its main competition is ClickFunnels, which provides similar services in a solid drag-and-drop editor, easy integrations of mailing lists, and handy payment options.

ClickFunnels also has A/B testing capabilities and offers a 14-day trial of their services. In terms of pricing, you’ll see two different pricing packages from ClickFunnels: one is at $97 per month, and the other is at $297 per month. In terms of going cheaper or getting more for less money, Leadpages is likely a more viable investment in your business.


Another Leadpages competitor is Instapage. With the same services provided, they differentiate from their competition by providing an easy option to add lines of code to the templates, meaning that it might be a better solution for owners who are more knowledgeable in bespoke website creation. Instapage doesn’t offer trial periods, and the pricing packages start at $99 per month to accommodate its widened service package.

For other options that may better suit you or your budget, you can check out our review on best landing page builders here.

LeadPages Review Conclusion

To wrap up this Leadpages review, let’s look at what you get with this page builder tool.

First of all, the learning curve for this SaaS offering is high. You have to know at least some principles of digital marketing in order to fully utilise this software and get the best value for the money.

Second, if you are a small business owner determined to develop your business and establish an ongoing connection with your customers – as well as create a funnel for selling your services or products in an automatic way – then this is the software for you!

When you learn how and what you can do with a product like Leadpages, all with the help of prompt Leadpages support services, you can significantly improve your customer relations management and get the most value for your business.

Most importantly, treat this as an investment in your business. You’ll be glad you did!

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