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Google AdSense Blog: Making a Profit with Google AdSense

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Everyone throws around different ways to make money online these days, but one of the tried-and-true methods is simply a Google AdSense blog.

Combine the most popular ad network on the planet with the most accessible platform for distributing content, and you have a winning formula for anyone from the marketing beginner on up to the internet business gurus!

Is Online Marketing Lucrative and How Does Google AdSense Fit?

One of the most important facets of your website is its advertising space and potential. The online marketing industry in 2021 is worth over $220 billion, while affiliate marketing is an industry worth at least $12 billion. After reading such numbers, there must be questions circling around your head: How do I make money through online marketing? How do I start? What do I need to do?

Perhaps a better question is: “How much money can you earn by allowing brands and sales agencies to advertise on your website?”

Google was one of the first companies globally to address this opportunity by launching AdSense in 2003. This is a popular online advertisement program, now active more than 17 years, whose usability and importance continues to grow each year.

Integrating Google AdSense into your site allows marketers to expand their reach. In this post, we’ll explain the full scope of Google AdSense and its importance, as well as integration to your website and monetizing your actions.

If you are looking to start making your own website, but still don’t have a domain, you can register your site via hosting providers such as Bluehost.

(NOTE: If you already understand the scope and importance of online marketing, feel free to skip the first two sections, and go right to learning how to turn your blog into a Google AdSense blog!)

google adsense blog
Image courtesy of Google

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows website owners to display text, image, and video ads on their websites. Because Google AdSense ads are tailored to the site’s content and demographics, they tend to convert well and can be lucrative if done correctly.

AdSense can be used in various ways, but the most convenient thing about it resides in the fact that you must register and submit ads, but you are not required to pay advertisers or host the ads themselves – Google does that for you.

It manages and maintains relationships between advertisers and customers. They are paid, keep their management fee, and send the rest of the funds to you. Yes, you can earn money without breaking a sweat!

You earn money when someone visits your Google AdSense blog and clicks on a Google ad. The payment is based on a number of factors, including how many times a potential ad is expanded after a click, how much traffic will increase for specific types of ads, which ads work best, and how much the ad corresponds to different user demographics.

Which Type of Website is Best for AdSense?

General advice regarding what works best with Google AdSense blog is based on accompanying tools Google offers to target your potential website users, or general internet population, depending on your core goals.

Overall, the type of online business you are engaging in (and yes, it is a business, since you are planning on making money through it) requires you to think through and analyze certain ideas beforehand. You should definitely do some online research before embarking on this adventure, but if done correctly it can prove to be extremely lucrative.

On the other hand, there are many obstacles you should consider:

  • All websites face a lot of competition
  • The costs of operating a website can increase heavily over time
  • You can run into trouble if you don’t manage your cash flow carefully

According to Statista, there are many reasons startups fail, but the biggest are running out of cash or not directly responding to a market need. This is heavily applicable to this business model, as people are proven to behave in a certain way online, and recognizing these trends can make or break an idea like this one. 

google adsense blog
Image Courtesy of Statista.

The most popular types of websites that use Google AdSense are listed below.

Blog Website

If you run a Google AdSense blog, you will be more concerned with the number of pages than with the content: this includes sites where you only get a few posts added frequently, sites where you will have to manually manage new content additions, and sites with lots of posts that you don’t.

On some blogs, the posting frequency can range from hourly to monthly. This also depends on a variety of factors, such as the number of contributors and the amount of time available for contributions and submissions and publishing of new content.

The aspect of time is crucial in determining the type of website you wish to engage in, since blogs at their very core are made for specialized topics, and are aimed at a certain demographic – in other words, they aren’t intended to relate to all people!

You should determine the type of your blog, such as a travel blog, or a political blog for instance, addressing a specific topic and build your relevance with time and quality content. There are tools like Google Keywords that can help you optimise your content and gain more readers organically, which will help your earnings later on.

google adsense blog
Blogger setup, image courtesy of Pexels

Online Tool Website

These websites are gaining in popularity in recent years, and one of those examples, also confirmed by Google, is GIFmaker.me – an online tool allowing you to create your own GIFs. These websites are specific to a certain function, and require solid SEO in order to appear at the top of Google search results and make it worth your while.

Your earnings are heavily dependent on the number of users interacting with your tool, which is a challenge if your tool is not greatly visible. Using the aforementioned example, GIF makers make 110.000 average monthly searches, attributing to over one million monthly website visits.

Forum Website

If you want to increase your revenue with AdSense, but are not able to consistently create your own content or manage contributors, a specialized forum website is the way to go. Users will engage with topics and open article boards, message boards, or forum posts on their own, given the appeal of the topic and the community you are able to gather to your website.

A forum is generally a gathering place for people to discuss topics in greater depth. For example, if you are interested in gaming, you are providing your users a platform to discuss gaming consoles, different games, genres, create fan content and keep your website alive.

Google provides an example of catforum.com, a specialized forum open to anyone who enjoys cats and that is monetized with Google AdSense. This forum has nearly a million posts and over 49,000 members who contribute over 1,000 new ideas and suggestions every day.

Anyone who does not log in as a paying member will see ads when they first arrive, as well during the reading discussion topics on the site. There are numerous examples such as these – all you need to do is get acquainted with the active trends or pursue and post about your passion, and start building and growing from there.

Community management is also important for forum websites, where administration of topics as well as engaging with your users in some way, be it through badges of some kind for active participation or some other engaging activity can make all the difference in building up your website. Usage of keywords in topics and posts is key in all types, and this is no example.

There is no way to understate this: do your research!

google adsense blog
Image Courtesy of YouTube

What is Not Allowed on Any Google AdSense Blog?

In case you were wondering, Google does actually have a ban on certain types of websites for AdSense. Generally speaking, this makes sense in terms of content control Google already imposes on its partner companies, such as YouTube.

You should think about your Google AdSense blog content the way you do about YouTube: anything that you might watch there, if applied to your website, is allowed by AdSense.

If you by any chance need further clarification, here is a list on some types of website content Google AdSense doesn’t condone:

  • Websites with illegal content. Content that promotes illegal activities, condones illegal activities, or hurts legal rights of others is not allowed.
  • Intellectual property abuse. Any content that might infringe copyright, or promotes sale of counterfeit products is forbidden.
  • Endangered or threatened species. This one seems pretty logical, but if you by any chance plan on selling shark fins – don’t!
  • Dangerous or derogatory content. It also goes without saying that promoting hate speech in any form, abuse or harassment of others or some form of blackmail is not allowed.
  • Don’t click on your own ads. This can get you banned, think about it, you’re trying to outsmart one of the smartest companies out there. Generally, not a good idea.

One of the greatest threats to you cashing out by using this software might as well be something you yourself think about very often – Privacy Related Policies.

Usage of cookies must be set in a way that it does not intercept Google AdSense cookies, and you must not by any means, at least without informing your users, identify location and identify your users. That might raise some serious red flags, but not that you would have to anyway.

Google AdSense also allows you to integrate tools into your website(s), and you can easily list out your demographic via Google Analytics or some other alternative you can easily integrate on your website.

How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

The integration process can be done in several ways. Google allows you to sign up for Google Ads, but not before you create a Google account first. If you already have a Gmail account, just use that. You must wait for your application to be reviewed by the Google AdSense team. This takes anywhere from a few hours to several weeks.

Once your application has been approved, you will be given your advertising code. This is the code you must put on your Google AdSense blog to run advertisements. Paste one piece of code, and let Google do the rest.

Nevertheless, many publishers don’t have trust in automated advertisements. The more experienced marketers prefer manual promotion, since it gives you control over content and positioning. Once you have begun earning, you can try to run your own calculations.

google adsense blog
Image Courtesy of Google

As stated above, you can control where you want the ad to appear on your website, such as in the sidebar. Full control is available through some very basic understanding of HTML, or usage of widgets.

Google Ads can be placed on your sidebar using widgets. WordPress websites have the upper hand in this battle of ads, where the widgets available to reorganize your website plays a significant role on the monetization process – size and visibility are key.

The best size for Google Ads is very individual, depending on your website, as well as the audience, but generally, 336×280 and 300×250 pixels are proven to be best paying ad sizes.

How to Make Money with Google AdSense

People that click on ads shown on your website make you money. This is an important concept to understand, since many factors affect the psychology of the average user in terms of clicking or not, including:

  • The positioning of the ad (where it is on the page?)
  • The ad’s visual identity (does it blend in or pop out?)
  • The ad’s novelty (have they seen it before?)

You have to understand who you are targeting, what you’re targeting them with, and why – this is a concept called “matching users with keyword.” Each ad contains keywords for user groups, and this determines your earnings. Here’s why:

There is a calculation necessary to assess your potential. Here, we have calculated a realistic example of how one beginner’s website can earn money.

Let’s say your Google AdSense integrated website had 10.000 users viewing your page daily – full views of the content visible on the website through a browser. Out of those users, let’s assume that 35 will click an ad displayed on your website, and that the average cost of their click – or rather the cost advertisers pay Google to show their ads to your users – is $0.08.

The yearly potential earning of your website is over $100.000. Why not try it?

google adsense blog
Image courtesy of InternetMarketingNinjas

Additionally, if you’re looking to improve your earnings and have utilization of Google AdSense, you can try visiting online marketing tools such as Ezoic. This type of tool can help you choose which type of ads run best on your site, or rather which has the highest conversion rate.

It comes with integrated A/B testing tool, and can significantly increase your ad click through rate, which means more money in your pocket each month!

Which AdSense Alternatives Are Best?

There is no hard metric in determining which of the alternatives to Google AdSense are the best.

Factors to consider are numerous, some of them being your website relevance, user traffic, clicks on ads, location of targeted users (this heavily influences the earnings depending on the nature of ads), and others. The bottom line is, there are some rules, but bigger is not always the better. It’s mainly about what best works for you, and you can find out the answer by just giving it a try.

The list below represents some of the biggest competitors to Google AdSense, but how they might work for you is mainly on you and the work you put into optimizing your website into a money-making machine.


One of the biggest competitors to Google on the online marketing race is Media.net. It is a tool owned by Yahoo and Bing, and it is a company that controls most of the affiliate advertising in the US. It has been proven to be one of the world’s largest contextual ad networks, and is in use by leading brand names.

Similar to Google AdSense, by utilizing its operability, you can put your website in a position to make money with contextual ads. With regard to advertising, publishers are only interested in content that is relevant to your customers, you can get the best return for your money by collaborating with search engines – Bing and Yahoo users.

It is also important to emphasize that Media.net was the first to launch a full header bidding platform, enabling you to operate with great flexibility and not heavily impact your budget, while ensuring high manageability.

google adsense blog
Image courtesy of Media.net


There are many options available in the propellerAds as well. This ad network includes banners, push notifications, and allows you to reach a billion users. The self-serve platform is less of a challenge with a simple ad creator. It minimizes the hassle and gives you the access to ad campaigns and easy start immediately.

You can use a significant amount of targeting and real-time performance measurements to stay in tune with your campaigns. There’s also a smart ad management feature where your settings are fine-tuned by AI, which automatically distributes the best number of conversions (earnings) for each ad.

google adsense blog
Image courtesy of PropellerAds

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Affiliate marketing, where website owners allow their users to easily access different products and earn a percentage from sales on different sales websites, has been in use for quite some time. However, with Amazon’s growth, Amazon affiliate ads provide another option for website owners to monetize their efforts.

Unlike standard AdSense ads, which are generally static, these Amazon Native Shopping Ads display relevant items according to the content and keyword targeting. A person who clicks on an ad chooses to make a purchase.

However, that is inconsequential to you as a website owner. You get paid regardless of the purchase they make. Amazon has a far higher conversion rate than any other ecommerce company on the web. Passive revenue can be achieved by using this immense traffic and response rate with minimal effort.

google adsense blog
Image courtesy of Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Is Google AdSense The Best Option?

Like we mentioned a few times, it’s ultimately all about what works for you.

You have to be deliberate and smart about your choice of a contextual ad provider. Google AdSense is certainly the most popular, but it might not suit your needs the best if you are a more advanced user.

Google Adsense is a solid option, but it’s heavily reliant on other Google tools, which require certain levels of integration and hosting requirements from the website owner in order to do business through AdSense. Depending on your website type, looking into alternatives might lead you in a different direction, and who knows, you just might make it.

Taking into consideration everything said, AdSense is a proven way to make money that’s certainly worth a shot for your blog or website.

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