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Free Alternatives to Grammarly: 8 Tools for Error-Free Content

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Great content is essential for any business that wants to rank online. While producing an error-ridden mess is obviously no good, there are plenty of grammar checkers that go beyond catching simple grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes!

The best grammar and spelling text editor can grade your content on factors such as readability, passive versus active voice, run-on sentences, awkward phrasing, complicated word choices, and more. These go above and beyond the basic typo checking that plenty of other editing tools offer!

Grammarly is one of the most popular options for grammar checking. But what if you want free alternatives to Grammarly?

In this post, we have gathered all of the critical information you need to know what Grammarly is and how you can spot the best free alternatives to Grammarly.

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What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly has risen in popularity over the past five years and is now considered one of the best grammar checking platforms around. It’s simple to use as both a web browser tool, an online plugin, and a function in Microsoft Word.

This application will read through your text, whether it’s a blog post, school assignment, or Facebook status update, and let you know where you can improve. Here are some of the most valuable features that this tool provides:

  • Correction of grammatical mistakes
  • Correction of spelling mistakes
  • Synonym suggestions
  • Language and dialect corrections
Image courtesy of Grammarly.

Grammarly will also allow you to choose which tone of voice you’re hoping to convey through your text. Whether you want a sophisticated message or casual blurb, you’ll be told if you’re on the right track every step of the way!

Finally, another important piece of Grammarly is its plagiarism detection software. You can run any text through the text editor and it will find if you’ve plagiarized another source. You’ll be given a score out of 100% and discover how much of your content is duplicate, as well as exactly which parts are!

While we all like to try to actively not plagiarize, sometimes you forget where a phrase comes from. Let Grammarly stop you before you accidentally steal from another content creator!

Are you convinced? Click here to start using Grammarly today.

How to Use Grammarly

Now that you know how great Grammarly is, you’ll probably want to know how to use it!

The easiest way to work with Grammarly is to use it online through the web-based text section. You’re able to write directly into a Grammarly sheet or you can copy and paste content from other sources.

After only a few seconds of text analysis, you’ll be provided with the performance assistant tool. This tool comes up as a sidebar and will tell you the following pieces of information:

  • A score out of 100 based on overall performances
  • Adjustable goals
  • Score bars for correctness, clarity, level of engagement, and delivery
  • A tab to send off your text to a professional editor for a small fee
  • A plagiarism checking tab

You can choose to go through your text and click on every word or phrase that has been underlined in a certain color. These colors correspond to a certain type of correction.

  • Red = correctness (grammar or spelling)
  • Blue = clarity (if your text makes sense)
  • Green = engagement (whether your text will engage an audience or not)
  • Purple = delivery (if your text is coming off the way that you want it to)

You’ll also be given a list of all of the alerts that have popped up throughout your text. You can work your way through them and auto fix each error, or dismiss those that you don’t agree with. Take a look at the image below to see how Grammarly looks when using the editor on their website.

Image courtesy of Grammarly.

You can also install Grammarly as a plugin on your web browser of choice. This can be turned on so that every piece of text that you write is run through Grammarly’s text editor. You will be able to turn on the following options:

  • Writing suggestions
  • Synonyms and definitions
  • Automatic spelling correction
  • Phrasal predictions
  • The dialect you’ll write in
Image courtesy of Grammarly.

Grammarly Pros and Cons

There are dozens of reasons to use Grammarly. However, we also recognize that it’s not for everybody!

To summarize, here are some of the various pros that Grammarly will offer you.


  • You can check every word you write for proper grammar, spelling, and syntax
  • You can analyze all of your articles for plagiarism
  • You can set goals for all of your pieces based on who you’re writing for
  • You can learn different spellings based on different countries of origin

But it’s not all too good to be true! There are a few reasons why Grammarly may not be your top pick, and the reason why you may be looking for some free Grammarly alternatives in the first place.


One of the biggest drawbacks of this tool is that there are two versions of Grammarly: a free version and a paid version. The free version only comes with the bare minimum. This will include:

  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction
  • Browser and Microsoft Word integration
  • A personal dictionary available
  • The ability to use it on mobile
  • The ability to have one account

Grammarly Premium will cost you $29.95 per month for a single user, or $11.66 per month billed annually (equalling to $139.95.) This can be quite costly for many writers, but more than worth it for others. The premium version includes:

  • Advanced style suggestions
  • Tone and formality checking
  • The built-in plagiarism checker
  • An inconsistent style checker
  • Human proofreading options
  • A wordiness filter
  • An ineffective vocabulary checker
Image courtesy of Grammarly.

All of these advanced features will be unnecessary for the person who wants to use Grammarly just to make sure that their Tweets are correct before they are sent out into the world of social media. Though, they are pretty crucial for many business owners and bloggers.

Why Go With Free Grammarly Alternatives?

As you may have noticed, Grammarly is expensive. We think it deserves to be, as it’s an invaluable tool that has saved thousands of writers from everything including silly typos to severe accidental plagiarism mistakes! However, we also know that this isn’t a financial option for everybody out there.

Free Grammarly alternatives will give you similar features without the price tag. While it may not all be in one place or work as quickly as our favorite text checking tool, it will still get the job done!

So, let’s explore our favorite free Grammarly alternatives.

Top Free Grammarly Alternatives


ProWritingAid is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor all in one! Our favorite features of this option includes:

  • Grammar, spelling, and readability improvements
  • Style suggestions
  • In-app suggestions and learning resources
  • A word explorer and contextual thesaurus

You can use all of these suggestions to help improve your writing over time. Of course, if you’re in the content writing business, it’s a good idea for you to learn all about spelling, grammar, and more. This will save you plenty of time in the future!

ProWritingAid offers tons of online writing courses and other online resources for those who find themselves correcting one too many words each time they use ProWritingAid.

Image courtesy of ProWritingAid.

You can add this online tool to Chrome for free. You can also choose to go for its premium version, which also includes:

  • 0 word count limits
  • A desktop app
  • A resource library
  • 100% privacy

This is available for a monthly fee of $20, or a yearly fee of $79. Fortunately, the tools that come with the free version of ProWritingAid should help you get by just fine!

Click here to start using ProWritingAid.


Are you in a position where you need to write things quickly? If fast response times for your business emails, social media posts, and blog updates are crucial, then Sapling may just be the perfect option for you.

We love this text editing option as it prioritizes far more types of content creation than just blog posts. It will help you with sending out emails, updating your contacts, and with every message that you deliver to your following!

Sapling works as an AI writing assistant and can be used straight through your browser as a plugin. Some of the key features are:

  • The option to select a response out of a list of pre-written responses
  • Autocomplete suggestions
  • Grammar and language quality suggestions
  • Business insights from conversational data

The free version of Sapling will work through a Google Chrome or Google Docs plugin, as an Outlook plugin, or through Microsoft Word. You can also choose a pro version for $25 per month. You may also choose to contact Sapling to sign up for their Enterprise edition, which is great for large teams and businesses.

Image courtesy of Sapling.

Click here to start using Sapling!

Sentence Checkup

Do you want the easiest way to ensure that your spelling and grammar is of a higher quality? We all make mistakes, and this online text checker makes it easy to fix them.

Sentence Checkup allows you to copy and paste your text into an online text box for easy fixes. It will underline all of your errors in red and provide you with instant suggestions that you can fix within the text.

You may not want to use this free alternative to Grammarly for larger blog posts, but it’s a fantastic and fast option for smaller pieces of content, including:

  • Social media updates and captions
  • Professional emails
  • Brief newsletter text
  • Preview blurbs
Image courtesy of Sentence Checkup.

Click here to start using Sentence Checkup as one of the best free alternatives to Grammarly.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is one of the most beloved and simple online text editors to help improve your content creation. It works similarly to Grammarly and will highlight your text as you go, providing an in-depth analysis of the mistakes your making and the places where you’re succeeding.

Another great function of this tool is that it will show you what readability you’re writing at. This will allow you to ensure that you’re writing for the audience that you want!

Here are some of the reasons that we love Hemingway App:

  • It will tell you how long your text will take to read on average
  • You can see corrections including passive voice, synonym suggestion, and reading difficulties
  • You’re able to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Everything is color-coded
  • You can write directly on the web browser or install the desktop application

Hemingway App makes it incredibly easy to write and edit simultaneously. You can seamlessly switch between the “write” and “edit” tools so that you can see your mistakes as you go or all at once.

You may not get some advanced functions like plagiarism detection, but Hemingway App is pretty close to perfect for a completely free way to check your text!

Click here to start using Hemingway App today.

Plagiarism Detector

You may have noticed that one of Grammarly’s most beloved features, the plagiarism detector, has not been a promoted feature of any of our free Grammarly alternatives. That’s because a good plagiarism detecter is hard to find, especially if you’re looking for something free!

Plagiarism Detector is a simple website that allows you to copy and paste your text into their online text checker. You can upload up to 1000 words at a time (or up to 25,000 if you pay for a premium subscription!) Alternatively, you can check by including a URL.

Image courtesy of Plagiarism Detector.

You will receive a score out of 100. This will tell you how much of your text is unique and how much is plagiarized. You will also receive a more thorough report telling you exactly what words are plagiarized, and a few other key pieces of information, including how much time it takes to read your text!

While we recommend this website for plagiarism detection, it also features a grammar checking function!

The basic functions of this tool are free. Though, if you check a lot of texts and want to upgrade for a premium subscription, you have a few options! Based on how many words you’re looking to check, you can choose from a Student, Institute, or Enterprise plan. Costs for these range between $20 and $80 per month.

Image courtesy of Plagiarism Detector.


One of our last and favorite free alternatives to Grammarly is Copyscape, an online tool that allows you to make sure that nobody is plagiarizing you!

It’s important to make sure that the content you write is only yours, especially as a budding online business or profitable blog. You don’t want your hard work to go to waste!

Copyscape allows you to input URLs and check to ensure that nobody else out there has stolen your content, and that you haven’t accidentally plagiarized anyone else. You can also see who is quoting your website!

This tool is very easy to use. Simply write or paste the URL of any of your posts and search through Copyscape to see if anybody has plagiarized from you before. “No results” is always a pretty good sign! As you can see from the photo below, we used our 22 Must-Have Tools for Affiliate Marketing and found no signs of plagiarism!

Image courtesy of Copyscape.

Copyscape is free. A premium version is available and lets you take a look at whether or not the content you’re posting is 100% original!

Click here to start using Copyscape.

Grammarly vs. Competitors

So, how does Grammarly stack up against its competitors? While we agree that the premium subscription to Grammarly can’t be beaten, neither can the low cost of completely free!

For the best of its value, we have to give the top spot to Hemingway App. It does a great job at ensuring that all of your text is error-free with its proofreading tool power, and it’s easy to use!

If you’re looking for the easiest to access and most simple user face, then Sentence Checkup is your go-to. You don’t have to install anything, and it’s never been easier to copy and paste your mistakes away!

Free Alternatives to Grammarly Questions & Answers

Now that you know about Grammarly and some of its best alternatives, you probably have a few questions! So, let us answer them for you.

Why Are Text Checking Tools So Important?

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Gone are the days where text checking tools only point out typos. The abundance of online content means that it’s important to stand out against the rest and prove that your words are worth reading!

Using online tools like Grammarly and all of our other great free alternatives to Grammarly help you in plenty of ways.

First off, they help promote your credibility. You want your content to come off as well-researched and worth learning about to your visitor. Whether you’re selling a product or trying to teach people how to play an instrument, you have to come off as somebody who knows what they are talking about! Simple spelling mistakes will do the exact opposite.

Studies have shown that one or two typos from time to time won’t kill your business, but typos can hurt your brand. People may think that you aren’t putting enough time and energy into your blog or website, so why should they?

It’s better to find out about a typo or grammatical error before you hit “publish” and give others the chance to spot it before you do. Yes, mistakes happen – it doesn’t have to be the end of the world! Fix your mistakes and keep on moving forward with well researched and carefully written content.

All About Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you take the content of somebody else and try to pass it off as your own. It is unfortunately common everywhere, including in university essays, published books, and blogs! Here are some typical cases where plagiarism can occur:

  • Blatantly stealing the work of somebody else and claiming that you wrote it
  • Including a quote but not explaining where it was found
  • Using content from somebody else and only changing a word or two

We all know that plagiarism is wrong, but sometimes we don’t do it on purpose. You may read an insightful passage and forget all about it, only to write something similar months later and think that a thought that you had read was your own. This is why it’s important to check all of your text for plagiarism!

Another reason you may consider using a plagiarism tool is if you are outsourcing your content. When you hire somebody to write your content, how can you trust that they are providing you with their own content? Always run somebody else’s work through a plagiarism detector to make sure that they are providing you with honest work.

Plagiarism is a very serious matter. It can become a matter of copyright infringement or be considered a breach of contract. You may find yourself in a lawsuit if you plagiarize, even if it’s a mistake!

So remember: Always check for plagiarism!

Will I Always Need a Text Editor?

Even the most experienced writer should consider using a text editor. You may have a mental thesaurus in your head or be able to spell every word under the sun without error, but you never know when a typo might pop up, or you’ll miss out on a punctuation mistake because your mind was wandering somewhere!

While we always suggest keeping at least one text editing tool in your repertoire, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to learn more about spelling, grammar, and plagiarism on a consistent basis!

SkillShare is our favorite place to go when it comes to online classes about grammar and spelling. This online learning platform encourages you to keep up with your skills and to strive to expand your knowledge every day!

One course that we recommend is the For Your English course, “English Grammar Pro | Beginner to Advanced” class. With more than ten hours of content, you’ll be surprised at just how much you have to learn!

You can access the online learning course here.

Are There WordPress Plugins for Grammarly Alternatives?

Another reason that we love Grammarly is that it can be added as a plugin on your web browser or through Microsoft Word. But what about WordPress plugins that can help you right there on your blog?

We have already explored our favorite plugins in a recent post, but there are some ways that you can make the most of spell checking, too.

Yoast Premium

Yoast Premium gives users the opportunity to check their text for readability. This goes far beyond basic spelling and grammar! The readability analysis feature is designed to work with an algorithm, determining if your text is easy for the general reader to understand.

Image courtesy of Yoast.

Many writers feel like they need to complicate their sentence structure and phrasing to appear more intelligent in their posts, but this shouldn’t be your goal. You’re providing visitors with more accessible content by making your text easier to read.

Some other readability checks that Yoast uses can also be considered a text editor. You can check for:

  • Transition words. These help the flow of your content.
  • Consecutive sentence beginnings. Did you accidentally start five sentences with the same word? That’s a big no-no, but Yoast will point it out for you!
  • Paragraph length. Are you using too many long paragraphs? Yoast will help!
  • Sentence length. Is your text filled with run-on sentences? Not for long!
  • Passive voice. This type of phrasing can make your text more difficult to read, but Yoast can help you keep passive voice to a minimum.
Image courtesy of Yoast.

Yoast is also available in various languages, including:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

If you’re dabbling in non-English writing, you can use Yoast to help make sure that you’re staying on track!

WP Spell Check

If you want some generic spelling and grammar checking tools to help decrease the amount of typos you’re letting sneak past you, then WP Spell Check is a good solution for you!

This WordPress plugin allows you to use the following features:

  • Full-site proofreading on new and old content
  • Comprehensive reports on spelling, grammar, and more

If you have the space on your site for one more plugin, we think that it should be this one. With this tool, you’ll never have another excuse for letting a spelling error slide!

Click here to start using WP Spell Check.

Image courtesy of WP Spell Check.

Why We Love The Best Free Alternatives to Grammarly

There are so many excellent text editor tools out there. From the King of Grammar Checking itself and the other free alternatives to Grammarly, there’s no reason to let yourself off the hook with silly writing mistakes! We know that it can happen to any of us, but that doesn’t mean that it should.

Using excellent tools like Grammarly, Hemingway App, and the others listed here will help your website in dozens of ways. You’ll find that your visitors are trusting your credibility more and that you’re ranking better than ever before!

So, what are you waiting for? Start using one of the many free alternatives to Grammarly, or even Grammarly itself, and improve your writing for good!

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