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Fiverr vs Upwork: Where Should Bloggers Hire Freelancers? (2021)

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We all know many places you can look online to find remote workers for blogging, from LinkedIn to Indeed to FlexJobs. But if you just need someone to help you out with a simple task for your blog, such as content writing or graphic design, there are two giants in the freelance marketplace.

Fiverr and Upwork are popular among business owners who are seeking help from remote workers and freelancers. Even though both platforms provide excellent services, there are several differences between them. In the end, the choice depends on your budget and the type of work you need to get done.

We’re going to dive into the biggest differences between Fiverr vs Upwork. So, which platform should you use to hire freelancers for your online business?

What is Fiverr?

fiverr vs upwork

Fiverr was founded back in 2010. The majority of freelancing websites are a place for employers to post a job ad for which the freelancers then apply. However, the main idea behind Fiverr was to provide a place for freelancers to offer their services worldwide.

The founders of Fiverr, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, were set on creating a two-sided platform for individuals to buy and sell a variety of freelance digital services. The freelancers can advertise their skills and specify the jobs they want to take on. Then, the clients search through the freelancers and decide who they want to hire. This structure makes Fiverr more suitable for small jobs like logos and flyer designs.

In 2012, Fiverr hosted a whopping 1.3 million gigs. The transaction volume of Fiverr grew to 600%, and in 2013 the platform ranked among the top 100 most popular websites in the United States and top 200 in the world.

What is Upwork?

fiverr vs upwork

Upwork, on the other hand, works slightly differently. Freelancers make their profiles and post their skills, capabilities, experience, and rates. Clients who are in need of freelancers can browse a range of services by category. This way, they can identify the freelancers that closely match their needs.

Clients can also post their job ads and wait for the freelancers to apply. Often, the clients will have to “interview,” or chat with the candidates to make sure they are the right fit.

The idea for Upwork was born when a tech lead of a Silicon Valley startup realized that a friend in Athens would be his perfect companion for starting web projects online. Although it was a great idea, the team was worried about working with someone who lives so far away.

Once that cooperation turned out well, Upwork was founded. Now, Upwork is the world’s largest freelance job site, where millions of jobs get posted every year!

Fiverr vs Upwork: Quick Summary

fiverr vs upwork
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The main idea for our Fiverr vs Upwork guide is to give you an in-depth review of both platforms and the services they offer. But we decided to include a quick summary at the beginning of the article for all those who are impatient to read everything until the end.

Choosing between Fiverr vs Upwork is a personal decision that should be based on your unique needs. If you’re an individual looking for someone to complete a small and relatively easy task for you, then Fiverr is the way to go. On the other hand, Upwork is the best option for larger projects or tasks that require the ongoing knowledge and insight of a specialist.

Advantages of UpworkAdvantages of Fiverr
Full control over the recruitment processBrowsing through freelancers instead of making job posts
Excellent pre-screening supportUser-friendly interface
No upfront costs necessaryA budget-friendly option
A massive global talent poolFast way of tracking down talent
Helpful support that ensures dispute resolutionExtensive help center
Features a few tools, including a work diaryActive community, but no additional tools

Now that you have a quick Fiverr vs Upwork overview, let’s dig into the details!

Hiring on Fiverr

Getting started on Fiverr is super easy! All you have to do is visit the Fiverr official website, click join, and enter your email to create a new account. You can also create a new account using Facebook or Google.

Once this step is completed, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Then, you’ll be taken to the Fiverr platform, where you can start searching for freelancers for your project.

For example, if you need content for your business website, all you have to do is search for “content” or “content writing,” and you’ll be presented with freelancers who provide this service. Also, you’ll have an insight into each freelancer’s customer ratings, as well as the types of projects they have completed in the past.

fiverr vs upwork
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Back when Fiverr was founded, the main idea was to offer services for $5. Nowadays, it is still possible to find someone who will get the task done for $5, but those freelancers are incredibly rare. Fiverr clients can contact different freelancers to find out more about their rates and also to ask them questions to determine whether they will be able to get the job done.

Fivers encourages its users to communicate with the freelancers and provide all instructions within the platform.

How Fiverr Works

Fiverr has undergone tons of changes since it was founded back in 2010. As already mentioned, it’s very difficult to find quality jobs (aka gigs) for $5. Usually, new freelancers who need to build their customer ratings complete projects for this affordable rate.

Fiver now also features Fiver Pro, as a service that provides “top quality, hand-picked professionals, trusted by the world’s biggest brands.” Fiverr Pro offers specialist services where the freelancers’ rates are very expensive, often several hundred dollars.

fiverr vs upwork
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However, if you have a simple content writing or logo design task, you can just go with the services of a standard Fiverr freelancer. Since the services they offer are very affordable, you can even try two or three freelancers to see which one delivers the best results!

How to Choose the Right Freelancer on Fiverr

Choosing a freelancer on Fiverr is very simple and straightforward, thanks to the clean and intuitive layout. Users get to choose their main category (e.g., design), and then they are presented with multiple sub-categories (e.g., web design or logos).

Users can also refine their search results by sorting through criteria, such as price range, seller level, and language.

fiverr vs upwork
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When it comes to freelancers, anyone can sell their services on Fiverr (of course, Fiverr Pro is an exception to this). There isn’t a screening process for new freelancers, but Fiverr does allow its users to leave reviews for the freelancers (sellers).

There are also different levels of sellers, such as new sellers, level one sellers, and top sellers. A top seller is a freelancer who has provided the majority of its clients with exceptional service.

Fiverr also has a dispute resolution feature where you can contest a job. The administrators will mediate and give you a refund if they believe that your case is valid.

All in all, Fiverr is an excellent choice for all those who have a one-off job (such as logo design), a small job (such as designing a sales promotion flyer), or a job that needs to be completed as soon as possible.

What Fees Does Fiverr Charge?

Fiverr charges both sellers and buyers. The platform charges a $2 service fee on purchases up to $40 and a 5% service fee on purchases above $40. That means if you purchase a service worth $100, you’ll actually be paying $105. The platform doesn’t charge any taxes.

Fiverr Advantages

When comparing Fiverr vs Upwork, it’s clear that both platforms offer similar services. However, there are a few advantages in using Fiverr:

  • Easy bidding. Fiverr makes it easy for buyers to find sellers by matching their profiles with the Gigs they require.
  • Secure payments. Fiverr offers protection to both sellers and buyers. All users are checked by the platform.
  • Fast turnaround. Fiverr is known as a platform with super-fast delivery times. All those who need a task to be completed quickly should sign up for Fiverr.
  • Mobile app. Fiverr allows its users to stay in touch and communicate efficiently while they are on the go.

Hiring on Upwork

While Fiverr is a platform for those who need to outsource quick and easy jobs for a low price, Upwork is more suited for larger projects that require specialist knowledge. When it comes to getting started, there is not much difference between Fiverr vs Upwork.

Both platforms are free to join; all you have to do is sign up for an account. On Upwork, you are required to provide your full name and your email address to sign up for an account. Then, you can choose your username and password, while waiting for your email address to be validated. Don’t forget to choose the ‘
“hire for a project” option when signing up for the platform.

Once your account is approved, you can provide more details about your company so that Upwork could suggest the right freelancers for your job.

In general, Upwork users start their “freelancer hunt” by posting a job listing. Upwork is very helpful and helps the users complete the listing by asking them for information that will attract the freelancers that fit the role.

Also, Upwork prepared four videos for its users that help you find the best freelancers for your projects in no time. The best thing about the videos is that they can be completed in less than an hour and they really do provide much-needed knowledge about how to hire the right freelancer.

fiverr vs upwork

How Upwork Works

Once a user posts a job listing, Upwork gathers data and presents the user with profiles of the appropriate freelancers who match the requirements. This saves the users a lot of time, as they don’t have to manually search through thousands of freelancers. Of course, users can choose a freelancer who was not suggested by Upwork. The platform gives the users the possibility to contact freelancers through Upwork and send them proposals.

One feature that makes Upwork different from Fiverr is that users get to choose how to pay their freelancers – by the hour or per project. It is recommended to use a fixed fee for larger projects, such as web development. Paying by the hour would be suitable for smaller or more discrete tasks.

Speaking of hourly payments, Upwork guarantees safety to both freelancers and companies, thanks to the included time tracker. The tool allows you to monitor your freelancers’ work by taking screenshots of their desktop at different times, ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth!

How to Choose the Right Freelancer on Upwork

As already mentioned in this Fiverr vs Upwork guide, the Upwork platform provides its users with four helpful videos that teach them how to choose the right freelancer.

fiverr vs upwork
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Also, Upwork appears to go to great lengths to ensure that the clients can choose a reliable freelancer by doing the following:

  • Providing online skills tests. Clients can search for freelancers who have received a high rating in tests related to their projects. Test results above 90% indicate that the freelancer is competent in the chosen subject.
  • Verified profiles. All Upwork freelancers have to pass the verification process, and this provides the clients with peace of mind.
  • Previous projects. Freelancer success cores and their feedback from previously completed projects are displayed on their profile.
  • Interviews. All clients can use Upwork to conduct interviews, thanks to the chat and video conferencing feature.

So, the first step to hiring a freelancer on Upwork would be assessing their feedback and portfolio. Then, it is suggested to arrange an interview to find more about the person and how they work. Speaking with potential freelancers can help you make a judgment about whether you will work well together.

Those who have too much on their platter can use the Upwork Pro service to go through the freelancer selection process. To use this service, you must provide the details about your project and Upwork will hand-pick the best freelancers for the task.

Once the ideal candidate is chosen, clients can send them a contract on Upwork. To stay in control of the project, clients can assign milestones and configure the system to automatically release payment after they have approved a milestone.

What Fees Does Upwork Charge?

Upwork clients are charged a 3% payment processing and administration fee every time they make a payment. The fee is calculated as a percentage on top of the payment you are making. For example, if you make a payment of $1,000, Upwork will charge an additional $30.00 fee for processing the payment.

For hourly projects, billing occurs weekly, so the processing fee is assessed when Upwork charges your billing method each week and on any additional bonuses. For fixed-price projects, the processing fee is charged each time you fund a milestone or give a bonus.

Speaking of billing methods, clients can pay freelancers using a variety of methods, including PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard.

Upwork Advantages

Upwork has some advantages over Fiverr, including:

  • Building long-term relationships. Unlike Fiverr, Upwork is perfect for building a long-term relationship with a freelancer and rehiring them in the future.
  • Hassle-free communication. Clients are able to share their feedback and send files in a protected environment. Communication can be done via chat, text, or video.
  • Payment protection. Both fixed-price and hourly projects are protected and clients can file a dispute in case the freelancer is not cooperating.
  • Mobile app. Upwork has a user-friendly mobile app that allows its users to be connected on the go and keep their projects going. The app allows clients to get a notification on the acceptance or rejection of the offer, chat with freelancers, send and receive screenshots, set milestones for fixed-price jobs, and much more.

Upwork vs Fiverr: Which One is Better?

When comparing Fiverr vs Upwork, it can be difficult to decide which platform is better. Both offer very similar services, but they also each have some distinct features. The final decision remains up to your preferences and your budget!

(And don’t forget, if you have a bigger budget, you may opt to go the agency route. To find out more about this, check out our The HOTH review.)

The most important thing is that both platforms offer the services of professional freelancers. Also, both websites are reliable, certified, and approved by thousands of companies and freelancers who use them every day.

The best way to decide between Fiverr vs Upwork is to consider what is it exactly that you need. As we pointed out, Fiverr is a perfect choice for those on a limited budget who need a quick turnaround, whereas Upwork is a better choice for those who need more skilled individuals with whom they can develop a long-term relationship.

But you’ll never know until you try – so why not test out both to see which one is better for your business?

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