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ClickBank Affiliate Program: How to Make Money from ClickBank in 2021

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Anyone interested in making money from their website or blog has already thought about joining some kind of affiliate network. But there are so many affiliate programs to choose from, and the information on them is really scarce!

A standard affiliate marketing process for beginners is to sign up, find a lousy product with a high fee, and fantasize about how it can generate revenue. Ultimately, you may get a few clicks and discover that this random traffic is not spending any money on affiliate products. Then, you may ultimately decide a platform isn’t worth it!

Fortunately, there are a few reliable platforms to help aspiring entrepreneurs generate traffic on their websites, and ClickBank is one of them. If you are interested in learning what ClickBank is, how it works, and how to make money from ClickBank in 2021, then keep on reading!

What is ClickBank?

For those who don’t know, ClickBank is one of the largest online affiliate marketing platforms in the world. Over the years, ClickBank has earned a great reputation among digital marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

Currently, it boasts an impressive catalog of over 4,000 exclusive products that attract over 200 million consumers worldwide.

clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of ClickBank

Basically, ClickBank is an e-commerce platform that provides its users (product creators and affiliate marketers) a hassle-free way to promote products to consumers. The ClickBank affiliate program utilizes an extensive affiliate network to make it easier for registered users to boost a product’s visibility and easily reach more people who can buy, whether they are selling online courses, e-books, or physical products.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to sell large quantities of a product immediately, there is no tool that can do that for you. As an affiliate, the only way for you to achieve a high number of sales is by driving traffic to the vendor’s website (where the product is marketed) and “convincing” potential customers to buy something there.

That is why ClickBank is such an excellent option for beginner affiliate marketers. For example, ClickBank provides simple links you can include throughout your website. Once you get organic visitors, they can click these links one of your posts or sign up for a newsletter.

After they’ve signed up, instead of one opportunity to promote a product, affiliate marketers like you have unlimited opportunities to get products in front of your audience and get sales!

Two Different Ways to Make Money With ClickBank

ClickBank is a marketplace for both digital content creators and a marketplace for affiliates. The ClickBank affiliate program offers dozens of different ways to make money, but to keep it simple, there are two main ways!

The first one is to create your own products and list them using ClickBank tools that are at your disposal. The second one is to promote the products that other people have created and take a commission from each sale you generate.

Option 1: Selling Your Products on ClickBank

If you have an already finished product that you want to sell, ClickBank will make it easy to promote your services or digital goods in a few simple steps.

The first step is to join the ClickBank affiliate program by registering on their website. When you are joining ClickBank as a vendor, you need to pay a one-time activation fee to verify your seller’s account.

clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of ClickBank

After you’ve finished the registration process, it’s time for the second step: listing your products. This listing product process is excellent for sellers who don’t want to meddle with the technical side of things. The only drawback is that ClickBank generally collects 7.5% fee of all sales.

The third step is setting the commission you are willing to pay to affiliate marketers who choose to promote and market your product, ranging from 1% to 75%. When you are done adding your product to ClickBank’s database and setting the commission, ClickBank takes care of the rest.

They are the ones who manage the sale and checkout process and make your products are visible to their vast network of affiliate marketers. When ClickBank lists your products, other ClickBank users will be able to promote them on their websites. This will expose your product to a larger number of consumers, which will drive traffic to your web page, ultimately resulting in a higher number of sales.

Option 2: Selling Other People’s Products on ClickBank

If you decide to join ClickBank as an affiliate marketer, you won’t have to pay any fees. Also, there’s no screening process, and you can start placing affiliate links to as many products as you’d like immediately.

clickbank affiliate program

ClickBank has more than 4,000 unique products listed on the platform. It is recommended that those who are just starting out narrow down their search by filtering for product type and/or commission percentage.

When choosing a product, it is essential to check out the vendor’s sales page as well. The vendor may be offering a large commission rate, but if their website isn’t trustworthy, you won’t be in a position to generate sales, regardless of how much traffic you drive to their website.

Interested in joining ClickBank?

How to Find the Right Product to Promote?

The products you choose to promote can have a huge impact on your chances of success. Your company brand depends on recommending quality products and brands – you need to do your due diligence not just on the product itself (read lots of existing reviews), but also check out the sales page you’re sending visitors to, the vendor’s customer support, and their reliability as a partner. Here are some tips that can help you find the right products to promote.

When choosing your first products, you don’t have to immediately search for the products in your niche. Instead, hit the “magnifying glass” button next to the search bar without typing anything.

This allows you to explore products from all categories and get the hang of all the terms and important criteria.

clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of Niche Pursuits

When a list of products appears, you can sort them by any criteria. Sorting products by “Popularity” is a good starting point. You can also try and sort items by “Gravity.”

Gravity scores are important criteria that reveal how much money a marketer can make with that product. High gravity means a lot of affiliates are making money with it, and it may tempt you to promote the same product as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that products with high gravity are promoted by a lot of affiliates, meaning you will have a lot of competition. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but it may prove challenging for those who are just starting out.

If you browse a few of the top products, you’ll notice that all of them have some things in common.

  • Video Sales Pages (VSLs). These sales pages convert very well because they contain highly engaging content (aka videos).
  • Strong affiliate tools. Top products usually have dedicated pages that allow affiliate marketers to get started quickly and easily. Some vendors even create ready-to-go ads, content, and templates for you.
  • Social proof. The majority of top products feature testimonials, reviews, or any other type of social proof that shows the quality of the product.
  • Strong copy and clear CTA. If a vendor has a sales page, it is often story-driven, convincing, and keeps pulling the reader in. The whole page is meant to persuade the visitor to buy the product.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Website

Now that you get the idea of what a quality product looks like, it’s time to teach you how to choose the right product for your website.

In general, the ClickBank affiliate program has found that health, wealth, and relationship niches are the most profitable ones. But the key to success is to base your search on what you’re interested in and what you can promote on your website.

Here is a checklist that can help you narrow down your choice:

  • Choose the right niche. When deciding which niche you would like to go for, make sure it is something you are interested in. You will be spending weeks and perhaps even months reviewing products from this niche, so it’s a big plus if the niche sparks your interest.
  • Don’t worry too much about gravity. Usually, affiliate marketers recommend products with 30+ gravity. However, you can make good money even with products that have a gravity of 5, as long as these products hit other points on this checklist.
  • Product provides value. When choosing a product, make sure that it has a “wow” factor. By this, we mean that the product should provide value and make the visitor think something like, “Wow, buying this will make my life so much better!” If you’re knowledgeable/interested in the niche, you will recognize such products easily.
  • Great sales pae and affiliate support. A clean and convincing page is a must for converting your visitor into a buyer. Also, it is recommended to choose vendors who are prompt with affiliate support.

Here is a product that checks all the items on our checklist.

Image Courtesy of Niche Pursuits

Even though the product has less than 10 gravity, it meets most of the criteria we mentioned – the sales page is great and the product focuses on an aching problem and promises to solve it.

How to Make Money on ClickBank Step-by-Step

Start with a Website

The first step to starting with the ClickBank affiliate program is having a decent website with some content. If you don’t have a website yet, make sure to check out Bluehost, one of the best and most affordable web hosting solutions.

When it comes to content, your website should have articles that get the attention of your readers. The article should be informational, and it should provide some value to the reader. Of course, the article should also include your ClickBank affiliate offer somewhere within the article.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Even if you have amazing articles on your website, they won’t do you any good if there is no one to read them. The best way to attract organic traffic is by paying attention to SEO.

Optimising your content with appropriate keywords will help your website rank better on search engines. If you’re not sure which keywords to use, tools such as SEMRush can help you out.

For more information about keywords and research tools, make sure to read our review of the best keyword research tools currently available.

Capture Visitor Information

Once you have a website with valuable content that attracts regular visitors, it’s time to capture their information. One way to do this is to offer a newsletter. With a newsletter, you can build a dedicated audience to market all of your offers to in the future.

If you need help with creating opt-in forms, Elegant Themes has an excellent plugin that will do all the work for you. You will also need an email marketing platform such as ConvertKit or AWeber that will send automated email sequences to your subscribers.

Many vendors will actually prepare email swipes for you, so you don’t even have to worry about the content of your emails.

ClickBank Affiliate Program: Pros & Cons

ClickBank is quite a good affiliate network, but it is not perfect (like nothing else in this world). Here are some pros and cons of becoming a ClickBank marketer.

ClickBank Affiliate Program Pros

  • High commissions. Most ClickBank products pay 70%+ commission. And no, this is not one of those way-too-good-to-be-true scenarios. The reason why the commission is so high is because most ClickBank products are digital, so there are no “production” costs, “shipping” costs, or any other costs that are usually associated with physical products
  • ClickBank pays fast. Many affiliate networks pay their marketers after 30 or even 90 days. ClickBank will pay you as often as weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Newbie-friendly affiliate program. Some sites are very strict when it comes to accepting new affiliates. They require that you own a website with a lot of content and thousands of monthly visitors. ClickBank is an excellent choice for newbies, as it doesn’t have any strict requirements. Also, ClickBank uses Payoneer to pay its affiliates, meaning that you can join the program regardless of your location.
  • Great variety of products. ClickBank has thousands of products available! This makes it easier for marketers to choose the right product for their website and niche.

ClickBank Affiliate Program Cons

  • Some products are terrible. ClickBank offers thousands of products, but not all of them are high-quality. Some of them are just terrible, and you will have to do some research to find a decent product.
  • Scammers and spammers. Since ClickBank offers high commissions, it has attracted lots of scammers. Many people have been spammed with offers from affiliates or low integrity marketers looking for a quick buck.
  • Heavy competition on “High Gravity” products. Popular or high gravity products have major competition. That often means a single blog post or product review won’t help you stick out from the crowd. You’ll need to come up with something unique that will attract visitors to your website instead of your competitors’.

Sounds like the right affiliate network for you?

ClickBank Affiliate Program Alternatives

Are you interested in exploring other options? Here are the most popular alternatives to ClickBank.

Amazon Associates

clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of Amazon Associates

If you’re looking for an affiliate program with an excellent reputation, Amazon Associates is the right choice for you. There are so many things to love about Amazon. First of all, Amazon is a trusted company with thousands of loyal visitors. Then, Amazon has so many products, definitely lots more than ClickBank has to offer.

This means that it will be easier for you to find the products that fit your website and your niche. And, most importantly, Amazon Associates has very low entry requirements.

The only downside of Amazon Associates is the low commission. For some products, the commission is as low as 3%. But, even with that in mind, Amazon affiliate marketers are able to make thousands of sales as they have so many products to offer.

For more information, make sure to read our Amazon Affiliate review.

CJ Affiliate Network

clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate Network can be described as the exact opposite of ClickBank. First of all, there is an application process, and lots of new affiliates are rejected. CJ will accept you practically immediately if you have a site with established traffic and rankings. But even if you’re a newbie, you still might get in as long as you have a legit website that performs well.

Then, even when you are accepted, you will have to apply to each advertiser separately.

Even though this may seem too complicated at first, it’s definitely worth it. CJ gives its marketers access to brands that will never appear on ClickBank. For that reason, CJ affiliate marketers have very high conversion rates. The only downside is that CJ pays much lower commission rates, just like Amazon.

Rakuten Advertising

clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising is an excellent affiliate network that is often overlooked because affiliates are chasing easy commissions on Amazon.

One thing to know about Rakuten is that the network is a bit exclusive. The company isn’t interested in having the most advertisers – it’s far more interested in having the best. All those who are accepted will have access to awesome products and offers from well-known brands such as Lego, Nvidia, Microsoft, Lyft, Macy’s, and JetBlue.

The only downside? They don’t pay that often. Unlike ClickBank, which pays its users twice a month, Rakuten pays out once every two months.


clickbank affiliate program
Image Courtesy of ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate networks that deals predominantly with physical products. However, there’s still a number of digital products available on the platform, especially software products. These include some pretty varied offers like software for landlords, educational software, video editing products, etc.

ShareASale has something for pretty much every niche that exists. However, what many users find unappealing is the customer service interface. which looks like it was created by a teenager living in the 1990s.

ClickBank Affiliate Program Wrap-up

ClickBank affiliate program is an excellent starting point for all those who are looking to monetize their website!

They don’t have too strict requirements and are a newbie-friendly platform. What users love the most about ClickBank are the commissions, which can be as high as 75%. Amazon and other popular affiliate programs offer much less; sometimes, even as little as 3%. In addition to being an affiliate marketer, ClickBank allows you to promote your own products.

Becoming a successful ClickBank affiliate isn’t too demanding. As long as you attract visitors to your website and serve them quality content, you’ll have no problem converting those visits into sales from ClickBank!

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