Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

You can have the best website or blog content in the world, but the truth is that people won’t stick around to read it without a good website design to draw them in. So, it’s …

You can have the best website or blog content in the world, but the truth is that people won’t stick around to read it without a good website design to draw them in. So, it’s incredibly important to pick out one of the best WordPress themes for blogs to help boost the appeal of your site.

WordPress themes are a collection of files that help change the look (and feel) of your overall website, as well as its functionality. Themes are often designed as a template, allowing you to fill in the blanks in the theme designer/customizer. There are also page builders, which help give the blogger greater freedom to create whatever they have in mind without needing to know code.

There are many factors in picking the best WordPress themes for blogs – it’s not just about what it looks like. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

The price. Many bloggers find that they can save money by going with a free or low-cost theme. Others decide that this is an area they’re willing to splurge on. You’ll need to decide if the features are worth the money for you.
The layout. Customization is an important tool for many bloggers. Does your ideal theme have a good layout with attractive templates?
The size and speed. Some of the nicest themes for WordPress are fast loading and lightweight, while others are bulky and slow. You’ll need to choose carefully to avoid ending up with a beautiful but laggy site!
The responsiveness. The best WordPress themes need to be mobile-friendly and responsive on various devices.
Reliability. Is your chosen WordPress theme kept up-to-date by programmers? Are there any bugs that prevent your site from being ?
Customer service. What happens if you get stuck on a step when working with one of the best WordPress themes for blogs? You need to know that there is a customer service agent out there who can come to the rescue.
Integration and compatibility with popular WordPress plugins. Plugins are a lifesaver, so you need a blog theme that can work well with your favorites.

  1. Our List of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs – for Free!
  2. Our List of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs – Paid Options!
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Themes and Page Builders
  4. Choosing The Best WordPress Themes for Blogs for YOU

Our List of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs – for Free!
Are you ready to dig in and find out what the best WordPress plugins for blogs are? We’ve made it so that our list features various free and paid options so that both the budget-friendly blogger and willing-to-invest writer can find something that suits their needs.

For those looking to save on their WordPress theme, we’ve gathered a selection of free options. Though, many of these options do come with a paid or premium version if you’re willing to invest a little bit more.

GeneratePress is known as the “perfect lightweight theme for your next project.” It is designed to be incredibly simple, letting all of your great content do the talking.

Some of the various perks of choosing this theme include:

It’s safe and secure.
It will add less than 10kb to your page size.
It’s incredibly fast loading.
Sounds perfect, right? Well, you can have all of it for free! This pick out of our best WordPress themes for blogs list is free if you choose the basic plan. However, there is also a premium version available for $49.95.

If you decide to go with GP Premium, the paid version, you’ll receive various perks including premium modules, full access to the site library, unlimited websites, a 30 day money back guarantee, and more.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use design that isn’t visually distracting, then we think GeneratePress might be your new favorite option. Install this blogging theme today by clicking here.

Our next pick on this list of best WordPress themes for blogs is Astra. This theme is equally as lightweight and fast-loading as GeneratePress, but it does come with a bit more creative flair.

This option is great for those who don’t want to spend their valuable time designing a website. If you want to click a few buttons and have a visitor-ready theme, then this is your best bet! Some of the great things about Astra include:

It gives you built-in page building options.
It’s customizable.
Using it requires no coding knowledge.
It will seamlessly integrate with various popular plugins (like WooCommerce and Yoast).
In addition to the free theme, there is also a premium version called Astra Pro. You can find various paid options depending on your site-building needs, and you can choose between paying yearly or a single lifetime fee. It’s only a $59 yearly cost to get the basic Astra Pro plan.

Does this best WordPress theme contender look perfect for you? Click here to find out more and to start using it today.

This fast-growing and successful WordPress theme is loved for its convenience and ability to integrate with various plugins. So, whether you want to turn your website into a booming ecommerce shop or a simple blog, OceanWP has your back.

Our long list of favorite reasons to love this theme includes:

It’s fully responsive.
It has SEO best practices in mind.
It has incredibly fast page loading times.
It works well with ecommerce.
It’s Retina ready.
Many bloggers mistakenly think that they have to pay extra if they want a theme that is great for running a store, but this theme is here to prove them wrong.

You can download the Ocean theme for free here. In addition to the free download, site owners can pay for a free premium personal plan for $39. There are also more expensive plans if you plan to host multiple websites using this theme.

No, this isn’t A Farewell to Arms, but it is a great WordPress theme that you can get for free!

Hemingway is a frequently updated WordPress theme by Anders Noren. It’s simple, clean, and everything that the basic blogger needs. It uses two columns to capture your attention, giving you enough space to write and post what you need to!

Some fun functions of this blogging option are:

It lets you pick a custom accent color.
It has a responsive design.
You have complete freedom over the header image.
Learn more about Hemingway here. You can also see a demo here to help you decide if it’s right for you and your website!

It’s easy to disregard themes that are instantly available through WordPress’s design tab. But if you decide to pass on them, you’ll miss out on some real gems! One of these is Stow, a visually stunning blogging theme that makes your blog posts prettier with the click of a button.

This option is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs. It was created as a business theme, but it works well as a basic blogging layout too. Here are some reasons to consider downloading Stow today:

It’s easy to use.
It looks great on various platforms, including mobile.
It makes designing with columns simple.
Take a look for yourself and find out more about Stow by clicking here. Oh, and did we mention it’s entirely free?

Elementor isn’t technically a theme, but it is one of our favorite WordPress page builders out there. It is used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers and site owners, and for good reason – it’s super easy to use!

What makes Elementor a great option for small content creators and massive businesses alike is its versatility. It features visual-based page building, but it’s also optimized for gaining traffic and improving conversion.

Other benefits of going with Elementor include:

It has over 80 design elements.
You can use any plugin with it with ease.
It’s lightweight and won’t slow down your website.
Elementor is free. However, you can choose to upgrade from a free and basic plan to a personal plan that will run you $49 per year. If you want up to 1000 websites with Elementor, you’ll still only need to pay $199 yearly!

Head over to Elementor here to start using it. You’ll regret waiting so long!

Check Out Elementor Here!

Our List of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs – Paid Options!
Sometimes spending a little bit of extra money can go a long way. This selection of the best WordPress themes for blogs is made up of paid options, because sometimes we need the extra help.

If you’re considering spending money on a WordPress theme, but are still unsure about your budgeting plan for your site, you may want to check out our guide on how much it costs to start a blog. This will help you decide if investing in a theme is the right choice for you and your wallet!

Divi from Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress themes out there. It also works as a unique but easy-to-use page builder!

Divi works as a visual-based page builder. It’s easy enough to navigate that even the most beginner blogger can understand it, but it has premium functionality that experts can feel at home using.

Some great features of this WordPress theme are:

It offers drag and drop building included.
It’s a responsive theme packed with features.
It offers custom CSS control.
You can choose between a yearly access plan of $89 per year, or go with a lifetime access option for a single payment of $249. This may seem like a lot when there are free themes out there, but you’re truly paying for quality.

Learn more about Divi and buy it today by clicking here.

This WordPress theme and website builder is especially handy for people who use their blog or website to sell products. It easily integrates with plugins like WooCommerce and has various options for page designs to simplify your selling.

Here are some reasons why we chose Avada as one of the best WordPress themes for a blog:

It comes with over 70 design elements.
It’s very flexible.
It lets you upload custom icons.
A regular license for Avada costs $60. This will include six months of support, a quality checking by Envato, and more. Click here to purchase this option today!

Thrive Themes
Are you looking to have access to quality design elements and affiliate marketing tools all under one roof? Thrive Themes offers a conversion-focused theme building platform for a low monthly cost.

Creating websites sounds tough and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Thrive Themes advertises itself as a way to get your website ready for customers in less than 15 minutes! These designs are easy to create and even easier to update.

Here are some of our reasons to join Thrive Themes:

It’s fully responsive.
There are literally hundreds of design and site elements.
It’s easy to integrate with other tools and plugins.
You can become a Thrive Themes member for as little as $19 per month (with annual billing of $228). You can also choose to pay yearly or quarterly, depending on your personal needs! Become a member of Thrive Themes and start designing a new theme by clicking here.

Do you want your site to greet visitors the same way that high-traffic newspaper websites do? Well, then Newspaper is a no-brainer! This option in our list of the best WordPress themes for blogs is designed to get people reading.

We recommend Newspaper for people who use several writers for their website, or for those who explore multiple topics on their site. It’s an easy-to-navigate platform for readers, so heavy posters will find comfort in the design.

Here are some of the benefits of going with this theme:

It’s easy to use with cryptocurrency.
It’s fast loading.
It will integrate with social media and various plugins.
A regular license for Newspaper is $59. You’ll get the theme hosting offer and 6 months of support from the creator. Click here to start using this WordPress theme today!

This premium theme is another WordPress option that’s available straight on their design page. We love it for any creative blogger that features heavy elements of design throughout their posts. This is due to its visual-heavy design and how easily it helps colors pop.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love Ippo right away:

It features a full-width slider.
Headlines are designed to jump out at the reader.
You can choose between three-column or four-column designs.
In addition to being a great theme for bloggers, this design also works well for showcasing portfolios. So, if you want a website to present your photography work (or other type of art), then you should consider this premium theme!

Ippo can be yours for only $49. This small investment can totally transform your blog in minutes. Head on over to Themes Kingdom, a great spot with the best WordPress themes for blogs, and buy it here.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Themes and Page Builders
Your WordPress theme is one of the most important aspects of your website. Not only does it greet your visitor before you do, but it will impact how much time and money they spend on your website as a whole!

Since the best WordPress themes for blogs are all an investment (whether it’s time or money), you need to know a few things before you move forward.

So, we have collected some of the most common and important questions about themes and page building to help you move forward with confidence.

Which Features Are Most Important?
You may find yourself tempted to choose one of the best WordPress themes for blogs based on how it looks. However, it’s important to also take a look at the features that it comes with before making your final decision.

There are a few key features that you’ll want to consider before your choice. These include:

The layout. This will change the overall design and tone of your website. So, it’s crucial that you’re happy with layout options and can picture your blog with the layout options in your chosen theme.
Ecommerce functionality. Are you running a shop through your blog? Your chosen theme will need to be able to support this (and look good doing it!).
Page speed. Some of the most attractive WordPress themes run incredibly slow due to having too many large files. This is often an instant no-no in the world of WordPress themes.
Support. Do you have a hard time adding code or figuring out how certain features work? You’ll want a theme that has a support network behind it where you can go to find out the answers to your many important questions.
The price. This may be the most important factor when it comes to choosing your theme. You need to keep your blog budget in mind before you let your heart get set on one option!
At the end of the day, the best WordPress theme you choose will depend on your goals. One blog may thrive with a certain theme, while another might be set up for failure. This is why you need to take the time to look at demos of themes and play around with the template before it’s all set for visitors.

Why Is My WordPress Theme So Important?
Why have you spent so much time reading this guide to choosing the best WordPress themes for blogs? Well, it’s the same reason you should be doing more research before you make your decision. Themes are important!

WordPress themes help greet your visitors as soon as they find their way over to your website. If it’s unappealing or slow to load, they won’t be encouraged to stick around for long! Attractive websites also help your guest by ensuring that they are focused on the content, not getting distracted by poorly designed pages.

Certain themes will also help extend your blog functionality. They can make it easier to integrate with plugins, help you sell products, and improve your customer feedback forms.

You also need to pick a theme that will continue to be supported and updated by the developer. Various popular themes have dedicated designers who ensure that everything is kept running smoothly and up-to-date. This means that as time goes on and design trends change, your theme will have new input to ensure that it stays relevant and useful!

Finally, a great theme can help make your site faster! Some themes are clogged up with various chunks of data that your visitors will spend more time waiting for your page to load than they will spend on it.

Can I Change My WordPress Theme Whenever I Want?
One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it gives you the opportunity to change your theme whenever you want.

The only thing that might hold you back from changing your WordPress theme is the cost and the time. If you spend a lot of money on a premium theme, odds are you want to use that investment and not throw it away after a few months!

Taking the time to change your theme can also be very time-consuming. So, while you can change it, you should do enough research beforehand to be confident that you won’t want to.

Are you thinking about changing your theme after having it for a long time? You might want to take a few things into consideration. This includes:

Making note of why you want to change it. Is there something you dislike about your theme? Write it down so that you don’t make the same mistake next time. You should also note down what you do like so that you can try and aim for the same style!
Backing up your files. If you hate the new theme that you switch to and regret changing it, you should still have a way of getting your old design files back.
Putting your website up for construction. Are you planning on taking some time to completely change up your blog? Consider putting your blog on maintenance mode so that you don’t have visitors who drop in on an incomplete site.
Will your plugins still work? Some themes are optimized for certain functions and plugin usage, like ecommerce sites. Make sure that you’re swapping to a new theme that works for the same needs as before!
Do I Need To Learn How To Code?
Many beginner bloggers think that the key to learning how to have a great WordPress theme is by figuring out how to code, or by spending money getting somebody to do it for them. Well, luckily, this is incorrect!

Designing your website has never been easier. Most themes or page builders utilize drag and drop design functions or make it easy to change things through simple interfaces.

If it were essential to learn how to code in order to create a stunning website, blogging platforms like WordPress wouldn’t be so popular. They have taken a complex idea (building a website) and made it much easier through templates, navigation menus, plugins, and more.

With that said, learning how to code can be beneficial for your site for various reasons. HTML and CSS coding are the two main coding languages that are used through blogging. jQuery, PHP, and JavaScript are other commonly mentioned languages to add custom functionality.

These are far from essential, since so many themes and plugins do the hard work for you. But if you’re eager to learn a new skill, blogging is a good excuse to get those fingers programming-ready!

Curious to learn about creating your own blog through HTML? Take a look at the short video below to find out the essentials.

What Is The Difference Between a Theme and Page Builder?
You may have noticed us use a few key terms throughout this guide to choosing from the best WordPress themes for blogs. Both theme and page builder are frequently mentioned when discussing site design, and we’re here to clear the air in case there is any confusion!

A theme is a more structured approach to designing a site. The person behind the theme has set it up in a way that ensures some customization options, while also making it so that the final result will still resemble the theme that they had in mind.

You can still customize when you choose a theme, but the options may be limited if you want to keep the same aesthetic as the initial design.

A page builder allows for more customization. There is often a preset theme of which you’ll build off of, but drag and drop features will let you move things around, change colors, font sizes, and more.

Both a theme and a page builder are easy ways to ensure that your site is looking its best. They’re both also pretty easy to use for even the newest blogger!

Some people may gravitate towards a page builder over a pre-built layout because this helps ensure that nobody out there will have a site exactly like yours. You’d hate to spend hours creating your perfect blog only to find somebody who has a completely different blog that looks the same, right? The more you customize, the less likely you are to ever run into this situation!

Choosing The Best WordPress Themes for Blogs for YOU
There are thousands of themes out there, and more than a handful of options when it comes to determining the best WordPress themes for blogs. This might make picking a theme like an impossible task, but it’s really not!

The theme you decide to go with will depend on a few things. Most notably, you’ll want to consider:

Your budget.
Your design skills.
What tone and style you want your website to communicate.
See? One major decision, choosing the best WordPress themes for blogs, broke down into three simple aspects of your blog. Now that we have given you the knowledge to feel more confident in choosing a blog theme, we hope that you’re able to make a decision that will inspire your creative output and will help you build the perfect blog for your business!

So, take some time and think about what you want your blog to look like – and how it will work. You’ll be ready to pick one of the best WordPress themes for blogs in no time!