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The 7 Best Online Blogging Course Options (Free and Paid!)

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Are you eager to learn all of the ins and outs of blogging, but don’t know where to start?

Sure, you could head over to our complete FREE guide on how to start a blog! This would give you a great starting point and help you build a clear path to blogging success. But as with any business, there are dozens of bumps and turns along the way as you learn all about blogging.

So, why not start with an online blogging course?

Online blogging courses are programs that are developed by experts who have been in the exact same shoes that you’re in right now. They’ve learned how to start a blog, and how to thrive through them! Taking an online course for this sort of thing is the perfect learning source, as it’s all where the magic happens.

There are courses for those of you who are total beginners. There are also courses for those who have been blogging for years, but want to learn how to maximize your potential. Whatever it is you’re looking to learn, someone is looking to teach.

We’ve gathered the top online blogging course options in all areas of blogging that you’ll want to learn from!

The Best Online Blogging Course Options For Beginners

Are you a new blogger who knows how to get writing, but isn’t sure how to publish it for the world to see? In these courses, you’ll find out basic blogging information and the must-know information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Jon Morrow’s Blog Traffic Blueprint

Jon Morrow online blog course
Image courtesy of SmartBlogger.

The Blog Traffic Blueprint is an online course developed by Jon Morrow. Morrow is the blogger responsible for SmartBlogger, a website created to help fellow aspiring bloggers find a space on the internet they can write, create, and monetize.

This online course is dedicated to teaching its students all about how you can drive traffic to your website. Basically, if you already know exactly what to say, the blueprint will teach you how to make sure that people are reading it!

Image courtesy of SmartBlogger.

Beginners will love this course for its “start from scratch” approach. Not only does it tell you the techniques to driving traffic, but it will walk you through each step from the very first post on your blog.

This course is delivered through 26 unique video lessons. They will go through different types of traffic strategies, from The Mafia Method to The Traffic Shortcut. This diversity in options is beneficial for bloggers in all types of niches. After all, what works for one blogger may not work for another! That’s the beauty in the blueprint course: it recognizes the key differences between blogs.

Take a look at Jon’s five-minute walkthrough of the course essentials here to decide if this is the right online blogging course for you. The full-price cost of this online blogging course is $497, but you’ll have a 100% money-back guarantee!

Sookio’s Blogging for Business: A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging

Are you after a beginner-friendly online blogging course that’s easy to watch, budget-friendly, and thorough? Look no further! Sue Keogh’s Sookio school offers Blogging for Business: a Beginner’s Guide to Blogging – From Killer Headlines to Promotion & SEO, available on Skillshare!

The entire online blogging course is told through videos and is made up of 13 lessons for a total of 2 hours and 4 minutes of content. There are optional projects to contribute to as well, including sharing your blog with the school. They may even provide you with some personalized advice!

This course seeks to teach you all about simple blogging topics, from truly understanding your niche and publishing posts to in-depth SEO content. You’ll start off with a quick intro video and a “What is a blog?” informational, and end with key SEO tutorials and guides on promoting your blog.

Image courtesy of SkillShare.

User reviews for this online course have praised the engaging teacher, the clarity of instructions, and the organization of the class. We’re positive that you’ll love it, too!

Take a look at the free-to-watch introduction video here to find out if this course is right for you.

Skillshare is an online learning platform that encourages people to learn just about anything through accessible videos. Some videos and courses are free to watch, while the rest can be uncovered through a premium subscription. To get Sookio’s course, you’ll need to pay for the $19/month subscription.

The Best Online Blogging Course for Advanced SEO & Blogging

Are you already aware of the basics when it comes to blogging and SEO? The previous courses may be telling you everything you already know! You’ll need to step up your learning game and take the best advanced online blogging course to further your research.

Ahrefs Academy’s Blogging for Business

Do you already have thousands of hits each week, but feel stuck in place? If you’re worried that you’ve reached your potential, get ready to change your mind. This best online blogging course wants to help you boost your blog and get more than 100k monthly visitors. Yes, you heard right: 100,000!

Blogging for Business is ready to get down to business.

This online course provides you with 10 videos totaling 4 hours and 56 minutes. Each minute is filled with necessary information that cuts to the chase and gives you all the important details. It trusts that you know a little bit of SEO information already, and seeks to do nothing more than expand your knowledge.

Here are the lessons that are part of this blogging course:

  • The compound effect of content marketing
  • Two major strategies of growing a blog
  • How to analyze the traffic potential and ranking difficulty of a keyword
  • How to find great content ideas with high business value
  • How to optimize your article for a target keyword and generate maximum search traffic with it
  • How to create great content that promotes itself
  • How to create link-worthy content (and stop worrying about link building)
  • How to promote your content and make it rank high in Google
  • How to build backlinks to your blog content
  • How to build links and promote content via blogger outreach
  • Guest interviews with Noah Kagan, Bryan Harris, and Ramsay Taplin

Bloggers, you may be asking yourself how you know that you can trust Ahrefs as an online blogging course? Well, they’re using their own story! This content comes from a website that has been in your shoes before and went on to become a hit website and successful blog within its niche.

Image courtesy of Ahrefs Academy.

If you’re still not convinced to take this course, we have one more piece of information that might just convince you: it’s free. That’s right! All of this handy information is available to you from online videos that can be accessed by everybody.

Trust us, your blog will thank you for making Ahrefs your online blogging course of choice.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Online Courses

If you’re looking to monetize your blog in new ways or are eager to learn more about something you’ve already been doing, then a proper affiliate marketing online course will be the best thing for you!

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product from an external site on your blog. You earn a commission each time somebody buys the product through your website’s referral link. This is a simple and easy way to make money from products that aren’t your own!

So, how do you do it? Let these online blogging course options show you.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Image courtesy of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course wants to help you learn how to make money through blogging. Michelle is a successful blogger herself, having created a personal finance blog called Making Sense of Cents. Not only does she know all about blogging, but she knows everything there is to know about making money from it too!

Affiliate marketing sounds simple. You may be wondering why you can’t just toss some Amazon links into a post and call it a day. Well, Michelle is here to teach you things that you didn’t even know you needed to learn, from the things you should know not to do and the things that you’ll regret not knowing years ago!

This course is delivered through a text-based system. It uses PDFs, tutorials, and worksheets. This is all available to you straight through your course login. Michelle’s form of content delivery is especially great for those who don’t love learning from constant video watching.

Curious about the course curriculum for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing? Here are the modules available for you:

  • Welcome module
  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to find and apply to affiliate programs
  • Follow the rules
  • How to get your readers to convert
  • Strategies and ways to promote affiliate links
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Bonuses

This course costs $197 for a one-time payment, or you can choose to do two separate payments of $105. You will also receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you’re unhappy with the course! Though, we think you’ll be pleased. Enroll here to find out!

Alex Genadinik’s Beginner Affiliate Marketing Course

Image courtesy of Udemy.

Does Michelle’s affiliate marketing online blogging course sound a bit too advanced for you? If you’re still eager to learn beginner-friendly content, you may not be willing to shell out a few hundred on an in-depth course. So, we’ve found an easy-to-follow and budget-friendly one for you!

Alex Genadinik’s Beginner Affiliate Marketing To Start in 1 Day course is all about the basics of affiliate marketing. This is perfect for bloggers who have never used the method before and are eager to start making more money right away.

The course will walk you through various affiliate marketing programs, such as Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank, and JvZoo. Not only will you learn how to use each program, but you’ll also get in-depth information about product selection, CPC, CPA, commissions, and tips on how to avoid mistakes that most do!

You’ll receive access to nearly 10 hours of instructional videos, 6 unique articles, 37 downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion when you buy this course.

Image courtesy of Udemy.

There are various free sample videos that you can watch to see if the instructor lines up with your learning preferences. Watch them here to decide if you want to move forward!

This course is available on Udemy, an online learning platform. You can purchase the full course for about $33, but the website hosts plenty of sales that may cut down the price! Keep in mind that 20,000 students have already decided to start learning, so what’s holding you back from becoming the next one?

The Best Online Social Media Marketing Course

Social media is one of the most important tools that a blogger will need to learn how to utilize. So, learning how to do it is as essential as deciding which blogging platform to use! Since this is such an important topic, we searched the internet high and low to find the best course available. What better than a course offered by a prestigious school?

Northwestern’s Social Media Marketing Specialization Course

Image courtesy of Coursera.

Northwestern is a prestigious university that has created countless specialists in their respective fields. A university degree may be in your past or present (or not even in your sights), but there is at least one online course that you can take without enrolling in school! Northwestern’s Social Media Marketing Specialization is a course offered online that focuses on social strategies in website and blog creation.

Social media is constantly evolving, and its important that courses do, too. Northwestern updates their program every quarter to ensure that it’s in line with current social media trends and topics.

What makes this Coursera course unique from the other online blogging course options on our list is the diversity in materials. You’ll have access to various videos, readings, quizzes, and special projects. This helps to ensure that you’re understanding everything that you learn.

This course will recommend how long you should take to complete each module, but you can also feel free to take it at your own pace. Start taking it before you launch a blog or years after it’s created. Coursera will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready!

Image courtesy of Coursera.

This online program comes with 5 separate courses that all make up their social media marketing specialization. You may choose to take each course for the full education or pick one based on what you’re looking for. Since social media marketing is so crucial to developing a successful blog, we think you should take the time to study each course.

Coursera is an online learning platform with the best blog courses, and it’s devoted to providing university-level education at the fraction of the price. You can audit the course for free, which means free blogging courses, or choose to pay for special certification. Though, we recommend going the free route if you only plan on using your knowledge for your own website.

The Best Email Marketing Online Course

Emailing may sound like a tool of the past. And while social media marketing is all the rage when it comes to advertisements, there is still plenty of success to be found in emails. In order to master this subject, you’ll need a great online blogging course to teach you!

Jun Wu’s Email Marketing Online Blogging Course

Image courtesy of Udemy.

We found our next favorite online blogging course on Udemy, too. After all, how many places offer budget-friendly, easy-to-consume content for beginners and experts alike?

Jun Wu’s Email Marketing – Copywriting and Growing Your E-Mail Lists seeks to teach you everything about growing your business through emails. You’ll learn how to write your own content and follow existing templates to email your way to success.

This class features 4.5 hours of instructional videos, 24 downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion. You can go at your own pace or binge all of the videos at once. Fortunately, you’ll also have full lifetime access. So, you can go back to videos as you please!

We recommend this course to any blogger who is trying to grow their audience, especially if they’re selling products. All the instructor recommends is having an email service provider that automates emails. No matter what your starting point is, this course will be lucky to have you!

The original price for this course is $150 and can be lower with one of Udemy’s regular sales.

Frequently Asked Questions About Courses on Blogging

Now that you know the best places to go for a course on blogging, you’re probably wondering more about the specifics. Entrepreneurs in the business of creating a successful blog are bound to have questions in areas like email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more, so we’ve gathered the answers!

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

What Is The Best Blogging Course?

There are thousands of “blogging” courses out there. This is because there are so many corners of the blogging world from all sorts of niches. The key to finding the best blogging course is to find out which one is right for you.

Every individual blogger is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all course. We all come from different niches, backgrounds, and starting points. If you had never heard of SEO until today, your best blogging course will look different than someone who has already developed multiple blogs with thousands of monthly visitors.

The Blog Traffic Blueprint, one of our picks for basic SEO and blogging, is, without a doubt, a fantastic choice for almost any blogger. This is a good starting point in your journey to find a blog, and we consider it one of the best courses to take.

If you’re looking for an in-depth approach to something that is crucial to blogging and marketing, like social media, we think that Northwestern’s Social Media Marketing Specialization Course cannot be beat.

Take some time to think about your blogging background and your goals. If you have the time, energy, and devotion to learning everything there is to know about blogging, you may want to take plenty of different courses!

How Can I Learn Blogging For Free?

Most of the options that we put together for our best online blogging course list are paid options. Content costs time and money to make, so it’s only fair that you invest in those who created such meaningful content!

Fortunately, budget-friendly options are out there, and the best place to go is more obvious than you’d think!

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

YouTube is filled with insightful how-to content when it comes to blogging. There are dozens of high-quality videos on SEO, marketing, and more. Most content creators are experienced in blogging and create video content that feels personal and friendly. You’ll also get a better feel for who they are as a creator, which can be nice when you’re trying to learn a thing or two from them!

Some Online Blogging Course Favorites On YouTube

Not in the mood to scroll through YouTube videos all day? Here are a few of our favorite videos that will help you learn blogging for free.

For Learning About SEO

Simplilearn’s SEO tutorial for beginners gives you two and a half hours of high quality content. We recommend this video for anybody who is just starting to learn more about the complicated world of search engine optimization.

For Basic Blogging

Are you struggling to write your regular blog posts? Watch Neil Patel’s formula for writing a basic blog post and get inspired!

For Digital Marketing

We have talked a lot about digital marketing throughout this post on the best online blogging courses. It’s easy to feel like you understand the topic, but there are always plenty of new things to learn! The video below will teach you the basics behind 7 different strategies that you’ll regret not learning sooner.

How Can I Learn Blogging Online?

So, you’ve watched dozens of videos and taken a few courses, and still feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle when it comes to learning how to blog. One of our favorite ways to get inspired, learn something new, and improve our blogging skills is to just start reading!

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

You should never underestimate the power of reading other blogs. This will help give you a feel for their respective niches, catch a glimpse at their marketing strategies, and dive into their online persona.

Look through blogs in your niche (and outside of them) and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did I find out about this blog? Was it marketed for someone like me?
  • Why do I like reading this blog?
  • What parts of this blog don’t I like?
  • Do I like this person’s unique voice?
  • Are there elements of this blog that I’d like to incorporate into mine?

Think about these questions for a while. Once you start to notice patterns, you’ll be able to revisit your own blogging journey with a new mindset. You can also start re-watching some meaningful blogging videos or pieces of course content and see it in a new light!

How Do Online Bloggers Make Money?

The two most common ways that bloggers make money is through advertisement revenue and affiliate marketing. Since these are such common methods, almost all of the courses in our list will mention them!

Advertisement revenue is when you host ads on your blog. Whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, you’ll get a small payment! Google AdSense is one of our favorite ways to utilize this form of monetization. Watch the short video below to find out more!

Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular form of monetization. As we mentioned earlier, this is when you link to products from external sellers within your blog posts. You earn commission each time someone purchases a product through a link that you have provided. Learn more about this form of monetization below!

You can also learn more about the different ways that online bloggers make money with our complete guide, How to Make Money from Blogging: The Complete Guide to Monetising Your Blog.

Final Thoughts on The Best Online Blogging Courses

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

The online world is a massive space, and there are so many things to choose from when it comes to education. We’ve shown you some of the best online blogging courses for things like SEO, marketing, and basic blogging.

But at the end of the day, it’s your blog that you’re working on. So, make sure you pay attention to the trends going on in your niche and keep working hard! After all, good SEO and marketing techniques won’t overcome a poorly run blog!

Learning about blogging through the best online blogging course is essential for anybody who wants to use a blog for any reason beyond online journaling. If you’re using your blog to promote your business or sell a product, things like SEO and marketing are a key tool to success. Though, it’s important to note that it’s not the only key.

Blogging is a powerful tool for any business, but it doesn’t replace other marketing and sales techniques. We hope that the things you’ve learned with your best blogging course of choice will encourage you to continue to educate yourself on all of the various forms of marketing and sales tactics!

Have you ever used an online blogging course? If not, we think it’s time to change that answer. Best of luck on your blogging education!

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