This is the affiliate dashboard tool that helped my website grow from £0 to £3,000+ a month in 1 year!

Finally an Amazon affiliate & publisher report that will allow you to make informed decisions whilst making a profit!

I was tired of having to switch between multiple different tabs, so I created this fully customisable, report to see all your data into a single location!

This report helped me to £3,000 per month in 1 year, and it can help you too!

Everything in one place… at last! For just a one-off cost, this is a steal. Having my affiliate sites all set up on these dashboards is not only a huge time saver but just makes reports and insights so much easier when everything is together. I’ve always been quite bad for having lots of browser tabs open, so it’s a nice change to have all my affiliate reporting in ONE! Highly recommended.

Martin Hayman

Your Amazon Affiliate Report Overview!

Full ReportIncluded
Website & Performance MetricsYes
Affiliate Engagement & Revenue Yes
Profit & LossYes
Video TrainingsYes

was $159 

$79 One off fee

No recurring payments – a single $79 purchase gets you lifetime access to our Google Data Studio Amazon Affiliate & Ad Publisher Report as well as the training to get started.

A Success Story – £0 to £3,000+ per Month in 1 YEAR!

Building a niche website is tough, but building it profitably is really tough! Using this report I built a niche website from £0 to £3,000+ a month in 1 year and in profit.

I treated my niche website like a real business, and therefore I needed a reporting mechanism that bought all my data into a single location. This report helped me to do just that and build a niche website that was earning £3,000 a month in 1 year!

Daniel Bianchini

What’s Included in Your Affiliate Report?

Are you tired of looking in multiple places for your affiliate data? I was. Do you want to be able to compare year-on-year or month-on-month in a single location? Then take a look at what’s included in your affiliate report.

Dashboard Overview

An intuitive dashboard provides you with an instant overview of your niche website performance.

  • Keep abreast of how much you are spending vs the amount you are making, alongside a net profit scorecard.
  • View where your revenue is coming from in a series of high-level dashboards, to keep you in control.
  • A snapshot of your websites engagement overlaid with combined revenue figures during a chosen period.

Amazon Associates Report

A series of reports that provides you so much information than what you get in the Amazon Associates dashboard.

  • Browse the categories that drive you the most revenue, filter by different markets and tracking codes.
  • Your Amazon revenue broken down by device category, seller type and direct vs in-direct.
  • List of every product sold and the amount of revenue generated, all in one place.

Knowing More About Your Ads

A report built to house all your publisher data in a single location, helping you understand the performance of your Ads.

  • An easy to read dashboard displaying your combined Ad Publisher revenue metrics.
  • See how AdSense is performing alongside other Ad Publishers such as Ezoic in a single view.
  • Know which page type is driving you the most Ad Publisher revenue? Our report spells it out in easy to view tables.

Which Pages Make You Money?

A deep dive into those pages that matter most to your niche website, with a series of reports focused on performance.

  • Overlay your website engagement metrics with your revenue to provide a full picture of your performance.
  • See which of your pages is generating the most clicks through to Amazon or generating the most Ad Publisher revenue.
  • Understand which device category, location or page is performing or underperforming to make informed decisions.

How Well Is Your Site Working in Google?

Track the performance of your website in Google through the combined data of GA and GSC into a single dashboard.

  • Track in real time the number of impressions / clicks that your website receives on a daily basis.
  • The best keyword tool that you need is GSC, so we have imported all your keywords and their average position.
  • Combined GA and GSC data so you can see which pages has the largest market share, and where others can be improved.

Are You Making Money or Not?

Run your niche website like a business and not a hobby. This means that you need to control costs and make money! 

  • Get a real view of your websites estimated value if you were to sell it via an online brokerage.
  • A rolling 12 month visual representation of your net profit and cash in/out so that you can be on top of your cashflow.
  • Keep an eye on your costs through automated our profit and loss table, regardless of what you spend money on.

Walking You Through

We won’t just leave you once you have purchased the report. We have provided video training to cover: 

  • Getting the dashboard setup, including an initial data connection and updating Google Analytics.
  • How you can update the report on a frequency of your choice, or how you can get your VA to complete the report for you.
  • How to make initial customisations, set up automatic email scheduling of the report and more.

FAQS About Our Amazon Affiliate & Publisher Report

1. What tools are needed?


The Data Studio report integrates directly to your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts, both of which are free and essential to most niche websites. We then use Google Sheets to connect your affiliate performance data.


The tool is built using Google Data Studio, a tool provided by Google to connect multiple data points.

Yes, we update the report frequently with enhancements.

Once you purchase the report, you will be taken to our platform where you will be able to access the report and training videos. The training videos will walk you through exactly how to setup, maintain and utilise the report for your needs.

A little. As Amazon doesn’t have a connector to Google Data Studio, you will need to gather the following data from your associates account in CSV format.

  • Daily Trends
  • Orders
  • Fees
  • Earnings
  • Bounty

Gathering the data only takes a few minutes at a frequency of your choice (video training provided), and if you are like me, you will get your VA to do it. 🙂

Affiliate marketers are trying to diversify their earnings, especially in light of the Amazon commission cuts, and showing ads on their sites is one alternative. The report predominantly handles AdSense and Ezoic, but will handle other Ad publishers as well.

Businesses are sold based on profit, not on revenue, and that is how we calculate the sell on value as shown below.

AVG profit from last six months X 34 = estimated sell on value

Yes – you can make a copy of the dashboard for each of your niche websites to analyse them individually.

We are currently in the process of working on a report that can monitor multiple websites in a single dashboard.

To get the most out of the report, you will need to set up some event tracking on your Amazon Affiliate links and convert that to a goal to calculate the conversion rate.

Our training video walks through how to setup the events using Google Tag Manager and in turn how to create a goal. This will only impact your Google Analytics going forward, but is the best way to have a complete picture.

You get lifetime access to the Amazon Affiliate & Publisher report AND the training that shows walks you through the setup and maintenance steps. It also provides you with access to support getting the report working if required.

Why Use Our Amazon Associates & Ad Publisher Report?

Single View of Niche Site Performance

Are you as frustrated as I am about having to look in multiple platforms for your data? Our affiliate report will bring all of your data in a single location, giving you a cleared picture of your niche websites performance.

Monthly Website Value Estimate

Some affiliate marketers build their niche websites with a view of selling it later on. We have built a scorecard that updates you on the estimate sell on value of your website in real time. By calculating your revenue from multiple sources compared to your costs, you will know when it is the right time to sell.

Multiple Markets, One Report

With Amazon Associates, you’re more than likely going to sell across the globe, even if you have a clear focus/winner in terms of actual revenue. With our report, you can pull in data from each market and filter the data accordingly.

Control Costs, Earn More

Treating your niche website as a hobby could lead to a cashflow deficit that causes more harm than good. That’s why we have built in a Profit & Loss report that enables you to keep an eye on how much you make on a monthly basis, treating your website as a business. Is your niche website generating profit? Our report will tell you.