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AAWP Review: The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin in 2021?

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Anyone interested in monetizing their website or blog has probably already considered signing up for the Amazon Associates program. Amazon offers one of the best affiliate networks, especially for those who are just starting out.

But in order for Amazon Associates to work for you, your website needs to have well-optimized content that will catch the attention of search engine algorithms and provide value to the reader. It’s also important to have an exciting “Call to Action” that will compel the reader to click on the link and proceed to make a purchase. Once you take care of all that, the last thing you have to do is insert products from Amazon.

One way of doing so is copying and pasting affiliate links manually, which can be quite time-consuming. Luckily, there are tools that can automate the entire process and make things run smoothly for you. As you’ve probably guessed, AAWP is one of those tools!

In this AAWP review, we’ll be explaining exactly what this tool is, how it can help you, and what its pros and cons are. It does not matter if you are already an Amazon Affiliate or you’re just starting today; the AAWP plugin will definitely make your life easier.

P.S. If you’re planning to join an affiliate program, make sure to check out our Amazon Associates review. We provide all the details, tips, and tricks that will help you join the program and make your first sale in a matter of days!

AAWP Review: What is It & How Does It Work?

To maximise the money you can make with your affiliate site, you need to have a site that loads well and displays products in an attractive way.

But it’s more than that! Imagine writing an excellent blog post that leads the reader to click your affiliate link. Amazon opens, and the product is out of stock. This can hurt your opportunity to profit, even if you got all the other steps right.

In order to monetize your website through the Amazon Associates program, you need to get product links, add them in relevant places on your post, create eye-catching buttons, add product images, and even include product comparison tables. You can do all of this manually – or get an affiliate tool such as AAWP to do all the work for you.

AAWP stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. This tool is packed with many useful features, such as product boxes and comparison tables, that can increase your click-through-rates and conversions on Amazon.

aawp review
Image Courtesy of AAWP

How AAWP Works

Connecting AAWP to your Associates account is quite simple. But there is one catch – you need to use Amazon’s Advertising API. In order to do so, you need to be sending Amazon a certain amount of sales each month. Amazon recently updated its rates policy to limit accounts that aren’t driving significant revenue, which means you may not be able to use this tool right from the start.

But if you are qualified and have access to the Product Advertising API, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Interested? Make sure to give AAWP a try!

Installing the AAWP WordPress Plugin

Before we go on with our AAWP review, we’d like to show you how easy it is to install the tool. There are two ways to do so: file transfer protocol or WordPress uploader.

File Transfer Protocol

To install AAWP using file transfer protocol, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your blog or website.
  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Select Plugins.
  • Click “Add New” button.
  • Click the provided Upload link.
  • Find the downloaded package – which contains the aawp.zip file – and upload the .zip file.
  • Extract the file on your local computer drive.
  • Connect your PC to your server and navigate /wp-content/plugins/
  • When you are through, upload the AAWP folder directory on your server.
  • Log in to your website again and revisit your dashboard.
  • From the side menu, select Plugins.
  • Click the provided link: Activate Plugin.

WordPress Uploader

To install AAWP using WordPress uploader, you need to do the following:

  • Login to your blog or website.
  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Click “Plugins.”
  • Select “Add New” from the given options.
  • Click the provided link for uploading.
  • Upload the aawp.zip file after downloading it.
  • Complete the process by clicking the link provided for activating the plugin.

AAWP Review: Features

Now, we’ve come to the most important part of our AAWP review! In this section, we will discuss all the features that AAWP offers, as well as some of they can help you make more money.

Keep reading to find out what AAWP has to offer!

Comparison Tables

When considering AAWP’s best features, a majority of users will mention the Comparison Table feature. This tool is very useful for buying guides and product review posts, as it allows you to compare multiple products effectively.

aawp review
Image Courtesy of Circlo.io

By including the comparison table, visitors are more likely to make a purchasing decision and click on a product – even without reading the reviews of each one. The beauty of AAWP comparison tables is that they can be created directly from the WordPress blog, and doing so does not require any special coding skills.

Unlike its competitors, AAWP offers tons of customisation options for this feature (and all others). You can customise the table to your liking and include a wide range of descriptions offered by AAWP. For example, you can choose from insert reviews, add buttons, and prices.

Another great thing about comparison tables is that they can be edited even after the post is published. This is particularly useful if you ever wish to change individual columns.

Product Boxes

When reviewing products, it is not enough for a post to contain only plain text. You also need to include a few images and product boxes that will attract viewers and add value.

aawp review
Image Courtesy of Which to Buy

Product boxes are far more attractive than an image widget and plain text. AAWP offers its users banners of products that are designed to boost time on page and conversion rates. All product boxes are clickable, meaning that the visitors will be directed to the appropriate Amazon product pages right away.

Just like comparison tables, product boxes can be customised in terms of fonts and colours to match your website design.

Text Links

All affiliate plugins include Amazon Text Links, and so does AAWP. So, why should you choose AAWP instead of other more affordable options?

Well, there are several reasons! First, AAWP allows you to include these links anywhere on your blog, with or without the Amazon symbol. All links are ‘no follow’, meaning that they won’t influence your search engine rankings or domain rating.

Some users might prefer to hide the ASIN or the product name from being displayed in the link. AAWP includes an option that allows uses to customise each link to a URL that’s more suited to the CTA.

This is something that other affiliate plugins rarely offer!

Bestseller Lists

Both affiliates and readers love listicles. This type of post allows you to include multiple product details all in one article.

AAWP’s Bestseller Lists puts together all the bestselling products of a specific niche or category. All you have to do is enter the product keyword, and AAWP will provide you with the item list.

aawp review
Image Courtesy of Circlo.io

Bestseller lists can be displayed in the form of product boxes that we’ve mentioned before. Doing so makes the feature even more efficient, as you don’t have to redo the configurations for each product. Instead, they will all consistently feature the same style and design!

New Releases Lists

Your passionate followers will be excited to hear about the latest products available in your niche. You can use the New Releases feature to increase your visitors’ confidence and loyalty by pointing out the newest products they should know about.

The New Releases list is very similar to Best Sellers; it creates a list of the latest products of any given niche. As long as you enter the corresponding shortcode, AAWP will generate lists of any new product categories.

The only downside of this feature is that the list is created automatically. This means that you don’t get to decide which products will be included in the list. If you want to choose the products yourself, you will need to select them individually using Product Boxes.

Data Fields

Data Fields may not seem as an important feature to many users, especially when compared to product boxes or comparison tables. However, data fields allow you to feature specific product details without covering the item’s descriptions. For example, you can create a “Shop Now” button with an Amazon symbol that will create a simple, yet very effective CTA. Data fields can also be added to tables or templates as well.


WordPress sidebar is an interesting spot to include product boxes. AAWP Widgets allow you to add their core features in the sidebar. You can also include them in the header, if your theme provides the option to do so.

All widgets are customisable and can be tailored to match your blog design. In addition, widgets are displayed based on categories, so they will always remain relevant to the content on your site.


Geotargeting is a very important feature that allows affiliate marketers to boost their earnings by offering a better customer experience. Imagine that you get a visitor interested in a product, and they click on your affiliate link. However, they are then redirected to another country’s Amazon page. If this happens, you will likely lose a potential buyer.

Some time ago, this would not have happened, as Amazon Associate programs required marketers to sign up separately for each location they wanted to target. The Amazon Onelink functionality facilitates international marketing to a handful of countries in the EU and Asia.

With AAWP’s geotargeting feature, you will be redirecting your visitors to the appropriate Amazon store for them. This is an excellent opportunity for you to monetise international visitors to your site and make more money.

aawp review

Regular Product Updates

Amazon manufacturers and sellers evolve, and so do their products. You always have to stay on top of all these changes, in order to provide correct information to your visitors. If your visitors notice that the information on your website and the products you promote are outdated, they may lose confidence in you.

Luckily, the Amazon API is designed especially for product advertising and it will give you automatic updates about new releases and product price. You can always reflect these changes in your products.

Are these features exactly what you’re looking for? Then AAWP is the right choice for you!

AAWP Review: Pros & Cons

We’ve listed quite a few features in our AAWP review.  To make it easier for you to process all this information at a glance, we’ve summarised the pros and cons of this affiliate plugin below!


  • The plugin is easily installed and configure.
  • Even non-tech-savvy users will know how to use AAWP.
  • Comes with excellent features that other plugins don’t offer.
  • AAWP is optimized for conversions and offers automated data retrieval.
  • The tool is available in multiple languages.
  • You can target your audience more quickly and easily with this plugin.


  • The plugin is not cheap.
  • Users can’t search for products directly from the plugin.
  • The user interface could be improved to ensure easier navigation.

AAWP Alternatives

AAWP is one of the best Amazon Affiliate plugins for WordPress. However, it is not the only option available. In case you’re interested in exploring other options, we made sure to include a few alternatives in our AAWP review.

AmaLinks Pro

Image Courtesy of AmaLinks Pro

Price: $67 for 1 site, 1 year of updates

AmaLinks Pro is one of AAWP’s greatest rivals, as the plugin offers great functionality and pretty much all the features as AAWP. However, what makes it different from AAWP is the interface. AmaLinks Pro has perhaps the most impressive interface of any of the affiliate plugins.

The tool comes with an easy-to-use Table Editor, that allows users to create comparison tables or product lists. The plugin is responsive, mobile-friendly, and easy to build with a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor.

In terms of features and customisation options, AmaLinks Pro and AAWP are very similar. However, if you are looking for a tool with a sleek user interface and an intuitive dashboard, AmaLinks Pro is the better choice for you.


Image Courtesy of AzonPress

Price: $39 for 1 site, 1 year of updates

AzonPress is Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin developed by WP Manage Ninja, the team behind Ninja Tables. AzonPress has a lot to offer and is quite similar to AAWP in terms of functionality. You can use the tool to create product tables, comparison tables, and bestseller lists.

AzonPress is slightly less expensive than AAWP. However, it does have one flaw: it is not as well-supported as AAWP. The documentation provided by the company is a bit unclear and you may not be able to troubleshoot issues on your own. If you go with AzonPress and need help, you can always raise a support ticket.

Amazon Associates Link Builder

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Price: Free

If AAWP or any of the alternatives that we mentioned are too expensive for you, we have good news! There is also a free Amazon affiliate plugin available. This one is made by Amazon; it is the official WordPress affiliate plugin which does its job very well, most of the time.

The greatest issue about Amazon’s WordPress plugin is that it is rarely updated, whereas WordPress gets regular updates. In addition, the user guide hasn’t been uploaded since 2016, which shows the amount of devotion the plugin gets from its creator.

But, all in all, the plugin is not that bad. It does a good job of inserting dynamic Amazon affiliate links into WordPress content, and it is quite simple to use – search for a product in the Amazon box that will show above your post. The plugin will generate a shortcode for your widget of choice. There are a couple of standard types: price link, product carousel, product grid, product link, etc.

However, it lacks all the advanced features that AAWP has.


Image Courtesy of EasyAzon

Price: $49 for unlimited number of sites

What’s attractive about EasyAzon is that you can use it on an unlimited number of sites. However, it also hasn’t been updated in quite a while. When it was released, EasyAzon could cloak Amazon links, but now that’s not available.

However, what users like is that this plugin allows you to create “Add to Cart” links, which will extend the cookie lifetime to 90 days, instead of just 24 hours. (If you’re not sure how Amazon cookies work, make sure to read our guide on Amazon Associates).

Besides this, EasyAzon doesn’t have any remarkable features, such as AAWP’s comparison tables or geotargeting.

Amazon Link Engine

Image Courtesy of WordPress

Price: Free

Amazon Link Engine is a free Amazon Affiliate plugin made by the people behind Geniuslink. The plugin can work on its own, even though it was primarily intended for Geniuslink customers.

Geniuslink is a tool developed to geolocalize Amazon links to gain commissions in multiple countries. It is an excellent way to increase your conversion earnings. However, do keep in mind that AAWP offers the same feature as well as many other unique options.

The Amazon Link Engine plugin uses the Geniuslink API access to localize links; it doesn’t use the Amazon API and you cannot create anything other than text links with it.

AAWP Review: Pricing

Now, we’ve come to the moment of truth in this AAWP review! The pricing options will help you make a final decision.

Even though AAWP is an excellent tool, its price might be a deal breaker for some. As you can see in the photo below, the plugin comes with different plans, and each plan has different pricing. The most affordable plan starts at €49 and it is billed yearly until cancelled.

aawp review
Image Courtesy of AAWP

The good news is that AAWP frequently offers great discounts. Sometimes, users are given a discount code that helps them save some money on the first purchase. Users are given a 50% discount on the price of the license. Do keep in mind that the license will be renewed automatically unless you cancel it.

Each plan comes with the same features and gives users access to all of the functionalities we mentioned in our AAWP review. The license includes a year of free support and updates. The only difference between the plans is the number of affiliate sites you can install the plugin on.

AAWP doesn’t offer a free trial, but it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase the plugin, try it out on your site, and if it doesn’t perform as well as expected, you can ask for a refund. Don’t forget, you must have access to the official Amazon Product Advertising API in order to use AAWP.

Interested in giving AAWP a try? Make sure to get the license by clicking below for a 10% discount!

AAWP Review: FAQs

How much does AAWP cost?

As already mentioned, there are multiple plans available. The Personal plan is suitable for those who have only one affiliate website and costs €49/year. The Plus plan supports up to 3 sites and costs €129/year. The Pro plan allows the users to install the plugin to 10 sites and it costs €249/year. The Ultimate plan costs €399/year and allows users to install AAWP to 25 websites.

Does AAWP offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can still test the plugin out for 30 days. If you sign up for any of the plans, you have the right to a 30-day money back guarantee. You can use the plugin for 30 days, and if it doesn’t perform as well as expected, you can ask for your money back.

What Payment Options Are Accepted?

AAWP accepts PayPal and a variety of debit and credit cards. The company uses a secure payment processor which immediately encrypts all the payment details. This way, the buyers’ personal and confidential information remains secure. The company doesn’t store card details on its server for security purpose.

Who Is AAWP Best For?

AAWP is an excellent tool for affiliate marketers, but it is not suitable for everyone. Below, we point out different categories of people who could benefit from using this plugin.

The New Niche Site Owner

All those who have an affiliate website that makes less than $1,000 per month belong to this category. Even those who have been running your site for years belong here, as long as they are making less than $1k per month.

AAWP has proved to be very beneficial for new niche site owners, as it helps boost Amazon conversions and, as a result, increases their income. Users can make tables, insert text links without leaving WordPress, and make product boxes look amazing. AAWP makes it easy to be just like the big boys of Amazon Associates, and it’s more affordable than the competition.

The Experienced Niche Site Owner

AAWP is not only good for beginners, but also for experienced niche site owners who are looking to save a few bucks. If you have a website that’s growing, but you don’t want to overspend on tools and plugins, you can go for AAWP.

However, there are some other tools, such as Amalinks Pro, that offer even more features and possibilities. Just keep in mind, these tools come at a much higher price.

Content Producers

By content producers, we mean website owners who produce more than a million words per year. This type of user writes a lot, edits a lot, and has an army of writers in charge of producing even more content. If you’re one of these users, then you probably spend a lot of time adding affiliate links to your articles.

There’s nothing fun about adding affiliate links manually, and AAWP can do it for you. AAWP allows users to use shortcodes where all they have to do is change the ASIN. It looks something like this:

aawp review
Image Courtesy of Which to Buy

With AAWP, all you have to do is change the code in quotation marks to that of your product. This takes way less time than adding those affiliate links manually.

Do you fall in any of these categories? If so, consider giving AAWP a try for 30 days!

AAWP Review Wrap-up

Congratulations on reaching the end of our AAWP review!

AAWP is undoubtedly a well-made WordPress plugin designed to increase conversions for Amazon affiliate marketers. The plugin is relatively easy to configure and comes with tons of customisation choices that other plugins typically do not offer. In addition, the automated updates make this plugin one of the most advanced tools available.

AAWP is a perfect choice both for beginner and experienced affiliate marketers on Amazon. The plugin is efficient and does everything it promises well, allowing all niche site owners to reap its amazing benefits at a reasonable cost.

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