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Trendy diets come and go, but there are several tried and tested methods to slimming it really works – and isn’t related to unhealthy habits like not eating enough or exercising too much. Adrienne Judim, …

Trendy diets come and go, but there are several tried and tested methods to slimming it really works – and isn’t related to unhealthy habits like not eating enough or exercising too much. Adrienne Judim, M.D., FACP, weight loss and nutrition therapist, # 1 bestselling author on Amazon. Crave More: History and Science for Weight Loss inside out, Offers 15 Science-Based Weight Loss Tips Eat this or not that! which can help you achieve your weight loss goals.Shutterstock

Dr. Yudim explains that sleep is critical to weight loss. “Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase hunger hormones as well as cravings for delicious foods (that is, high in fat and sugar),” she says. She suggests shooting 7-8 hours a day.

Alcohol is a double whammy in terms of weight gain. “Alcohol is not only empty calories, but it also affects leptin, a hormone that signals brain satiety and also negatively affects the amount and quality of sleep,” she says.Shutterstock / Marina Litvinova

Research shows that processed whole food options don’t suppress hunger hormones as much as they actually do, says Dr. Yudim. “For example, processed chicken (such as frozen meals or fast food patties) suppresses hunger hormones less than a true chunk of chicken breast.”

Increase your protein intake if you want to lose weight. “A higher protein intake helps preserve muscle mass (and therefore your metabolism) as you lose weight, so you lose fat mass, not muscle,” says Dr. Yudim. She recommends 1-1.2 grams per kg of body weight.Shutterstock / Anastasia Kulikovskaya

Dr. Yudim suggests eating a protein breakfast. “There is a lot of controversy about whether breakfast is worth it or not, but research shows that eating breakfast high in protein (eg 20 grams) suppresses hunger hormones throughout the day,” she says.

A good attitude and self-love are the keys to achieving your goals. “We often force ourselves to lose weight. This leads to sabotage, while self-compassion is more effective in changing habits, ”says Dr. Yudim.

Finding ways to relieve stress can be the key to losing weight. “Stress literally depresses our hunger hormones, making us feel hungry when we’re not hungry,” explains Dr. Yudim. She suggests dealing with stress with exercise, diary, and mindfulness, not food.

Zen can be beneficial on the path to weight loss. The practice of mindfulness meditation “helps to change habits.”

Positive thinking and your habits are associated with more weight loss and also have metabolic benefits, according to Dr. Yudin. “In one study of hotel staff, those who were told their labor was a form of exercise lost visceral fat and lowered blood pressure compared to those who did not receive this guidance,” she says.

Building muscle mass will help mitigate the natural loss of muscle mass that occurs with age, according to Dr. Yudin. “More muscle means better metabolism and means more calories burned.”

Dr. Yudin argues that restrictive thinking about food can lead to overeating. “Rephrase the limitations of the abundance mindset,” she suggests. “Eat so much what you need so that you have less room for what doesn’t work. Nobody gained weight from too much chicken. ”Shutterstock

Pay attention to your mental state before taking food. “We eat for so many reasons other than hunger, such as sadness, frustration, anxiety and boredom. Often we are unaware of the trigger, ”notes Dr. Yudin. “Pay attention to your patterns / triggers and find alternatives to food such as sunlight, nature, and heart connection.”

If you live alone, Dr. Yudin suggests getting a pet. “Loneliness, whether due to social distancing or disagreements in relationships caused by endless political dramas and current events, has affected everyone this year,” she says. “The animal bond is the dopamine booster and dopamine antidote we chase with chocolate.”

Consuming caffeine can help you lose weight. “It suppresses appetite and can speed up metabolism,” she says. “Just be careful, but don’t overdo it!”

“Those who manage their diet or regain weight through kindness are more likely to return to their daily routine compared to people who are catastrophically gaining weight,” says Dr. Yudin. “The latter group was less likely to resume healthy eating and physical activity.” And now that you have a great foundation, don’t miss out on these additional 19 weight loss products that really work, experts say